No matter how seductive the images may be, 666 is the number of the beast and those that worship the beast will be damned.
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Chicken free-ranging in green bean bush plants in a small garden.

Our chicken free-ranges in our small garden. She is gentle with the green bean bush plants.

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Would anyone like to help test my bittorrent setup?

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Barack entering his armored car

Barack entering his armoured car

What does Obama’s limo and an ass have in common? The video might help you understand…
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It's no accident that this weapon was named the SS-18 Satan.  The devil was a murderer from the beginning.  The Lord Jesus Christ said so in John 8:44.

It's no accident that this weapon was named the SS-18 Satan. The devil was a murderer from the beginning. The Lord Jesus Christ said so in John 8:44.

This video shows disturbing images of nuclear war victims. This is our true world and hiding from reality will not make the problems go away. But the truth will set us free.
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From ganeshvilla.com

From ganeshvilla.com

The kind of bananas we typically find in the grocery store are not grown in the United States, but there are other varieties of bananas, and some can be grown in North America. I was excited at the possibility of growing another variety of banana…

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Your heart is a lock and can only be unlocked with the correct key. What is the key to your heart? If you do not have the correct key, the hole in your heart will be left open with nothing to fill it.

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What flesh and blood was the best, most perfect sacrifice?

What flesh and blood was the best, most perfect sacrifice?

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Download OGG audio (6.2 MB)

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When we have trouble, which god will we turn to for help? 

Video included in post…
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A desktop computer running Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system.

This computer kept a file hidden from me for years, while storing my personal data.

This peculiar file, which was hidden from me for years, kept some of my personal data, including passwords, in plain text. Microsoft kept the file hidden from me, and when I did find it, Microsoft would not let me delete it. This odd file is named pagefile.sys. This post includes video…
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A cardboard box lay on the floor in the corner of a room for several months.  During that time, the cats inside the house tore off tiny pieces, a little bit each day, until there was hardly anything left.  They did not seek permission, but took it upon themselves to tear this box apart.  This video shows the progress of the cats as they destroy the box.

Watch the video…
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He wants to transform the so-called Israel into a global cyber power. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes it clear this cyber power is not for charity, but it is for investments: to make money, to gain riches and wealth from this temporal world. What happened to seeking the kingdom of God?

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The bible tells us of a strange future, when the world will worship an image of a beast…

Watch video.

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Videos from PilgrimsPathway.org

Videos from PilgrimsPathway.org

If you enjoy watching videos and want more to watch while you increase your faith, I recommend to you a set of videos I personally watch and that I have no affiliation with, other than we have the same Lord (Jesus Christ).


A hen gathers her chickens under her wings.


Download video and view at your convenience. Share freely.

Best Quality: MP4 Video (~109 MB)

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Today we found the first eggs from our chickens raised at home. This is a first for me personally, as this year is the first that I have raised chickens.

See how the yolks from home chickens compare to store-bought eggs…
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Tyler (age 12) recorded and edited this video…
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Please allow me to tell you my story of how an angel of God gave me healing when I was sick.

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The chickens eat pestilence on our property…
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Which RSS reader do you use? I use GreatNews to keep up with my favorite feeds.

GreatNews open on my Windows Vista desktop. Click on image for more resolution.

There are many other choices of RSS readers, but GreatNews is my favorite, as it works well on my thumb drive as a portable application.

My computer that runs Windows slowed down, and the CPU cycles went up, and the internet activity increased. It appears that the computer had a virus. Here is a summary of what happened and how the computer was fixed using a Live CD.

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