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People all over the world are experiencing tribulation by huge storms, record breaking rain, heat, cold, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, freak tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes….

Is the weather an expression of God’s will or merely a coincidence?

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The people in this video say Obama lied about important matters, including health care, ObamaCare, and same-sex marriage (homosexual/gay unions) . What’s the next big lie? An alien invasion where Barack Obama would be declared the leader of the world, the President of the New World Order?

Even God says in the bible that He will send a lie, a strong delusion, because people love unrighteousness more than the truth.  Get ready….Live a life of love and accept the peace that comes from a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Word has power. Have you read it?

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I found a collection of video animations that my children and I have been enjoying and I thought I should pass the URL on to those of you that have children and are struggling to find good content for them to watch, without that guilty feeling that you are filling their minds with garbage.  These animations actually tell true history that has been suppressed from the mainstream, and the videos are entertaining.  Each video is about 20 minutes or so.  The videos can be found at this URL:

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“Bitcoin Is Better than Currency” – Bill Gates


The new one world money system is coming soon: the mark of the beast. God will pour out his wrath on those that worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in their hand or forehead. Whosoever shall call on the Lord Jesus shall be saved. No money is required for salvation as it is a free gift from God.

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Genesis 28:16 KJV
And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not.

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The video shows some of the more interesting radio transmissions I have captured.

Watch the video….

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Watching the radio waterfall in the free program Fldigi in Linux

Watching the radio waterfall in the free program Fldigi in Linux

The MFSK64 radio protocol sends an image. It’s amazing to me that playing music over the transmission does not have a noticeable effect on the quality of the image.


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Centered at 1902.


Audacity is a free audio tool and can do some effective editing with sounds.

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Have you ever seen these wonders in the heavens above: a meteor shower, an asteroid, a comet, a fireball, or an eclipse? Or maybe you have seen a sign in the earth beneath? Watch the video to know what you must consider when you see signs and wonders….

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This message was received on April 18, 1953 by Bertha Dudde through the Inner Voice. Listen to the audio….
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First and Last, Alpha and Omega

The first verse of the KJV bible and the last verse share an incredible pattern.

Both verses have:

    44 letters
    17 vowels
    27 consonants

God does not change. He is always good. There is more to this pattern, which includes the number 12. Watch this video produced by a brother….
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Somebody has been eating the top leaves of this tomato plant!

Somebody has been eating the top leaves of this tomato plant!

When the top leaves of the tomato plant are missing, that is a clue that there is an intruder in the garden. It is difficult to see these well-camoflaged caterpillars when they are on the tomato plants. Can you see this pestilence?

Zooming in on the caterpillar's body art shows an image of an eye!

Zooming in on the caterpillar's body art shows an image of an eye! Get a good view and see more interesting facts about this creature....

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No matter how seductive the images may be, 666 is the number of the beast and those that worship the beast will be damned.
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