Two powerpole plugs connected together

Two powerpole plugs connected together

How to put together Anderson Powerpole connectors without proprietary tools?   See video…

Some of the advantages of Powerpole connectors:

  • Quick connect, quick disconnect.
  • No soldering required.  Crimping takes the place of soldering.
  • Connector installation is fast.
  • No heat shrink required.
  • No exposed contacts.  All metal conductors are insulated

These connectors are made and sold by Anderson Power Products.

I liked the small amp size connector so I ordered some of the bigger 45 amp variety.  Wow, those are so much more difficult to use.  I’ll never buy the 45-Amp connectors again.  The darn terminals are too big to fit into the plastic housing!  I pushed so hard and could not get the terminals to fit.  It was very frustrating and made me feel like I wasted my money and time on the 45-Amp connectors.

The lower amp versions, the 15-Amp connectors, were easy to assemble as I show in the video above.  I will continue to use those as needed but will not buy the 45-Amp variety again.  To be fair to them, the terminals might have an easier time of fitting inside the connectors if I bought their $40 “PWRCrimp” crimping tool.  ($50.20 with shipping.  Why is it so expensive?)

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  1. gary ingersoll says:

    excellent video. I visited several sites for assembling the anderson connectors, and yours is by far the best. You keep it simple, don’t belabor obvious procedures, and use simple tools. You also mention the expensive tools for those who must have it all. Thanks for simplifying this for me.

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