Made a quick rocket stove with bricks.  Put a Peltier cooler on the back and got a fire going.  Measured the current, volts, and watts produced from a single Peltier cooler.  A cooling fan and aluminum heatsink with a 12V portable battery helped.


Peltier Cooler (also called TEC or Thermo Electric Cooler) - resting against a hot brick

Video of experiment…

The fuel for the fire was just fallen tree branches that I found on the ground.  The portable battery was charged up by a solar panel.

The Peltier cooler rested against one of the bricks.  The brick got up to 210 degrees F while the aluminum heat sink was about 70 degrees F.  At this temperature difference (140F), the Peltier cooler produced:

  • 70mW
  • 1.05V
  • 67mA

The power generated by this Peltier cooler is comparable to the power generated by a small solar panel on a solar landscaping light.


How hot of a temperature can the Peltier cooler get before it breaks down? According to, the max temp of hot side is 80C or 176F. In my experiment, I applied up to 210F to the hot side and did not notice any problem.

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