The original video shows a group of experimenters from Canada that are making Hydrogen in the form of HHO using electrolysis. Something goes terribly wrong.


I found it humorous and couldn’t resist trying to make a remix of it. I wish I could have been in the room when it happened. I also like to experiment with Hydrogen, so I admire this group for trying something new. They also have other successful experiments.

Here’s the remix:

And here is the original video:

To give the experimenters credit, they did come up with some corrective actions to prevent future disasters. Luckily, all is well and they learned a lesson from the experiment.

They said that this fuel cell ran well at 12V, but then exploded when they increased the voltage to 150V.  The wires couldn’t take the extra current, got red hot, and ignited the Hydrogen gas.

Corrective Actions

Use a larger gauge cable, to allow for larger Amp draws without getting hot.

Fill the cell to the top with salt water to lower the amount of combustible gas present in the fuel cell.

Install a pressure release valve.

Perform future testing with an open top fuel cell so that the combustible HHO gas will dilute into air.  This would be best done outdoors, too, to prevent an explosion inside your house.

See more of the HHO videos on RonL2524’s Youtube channel.

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