This is an heirloom squash, also called a banana squash.



I bought the seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.  They say that the squash “are 16-20″ long, 6″ in diameter and weigh 5-8 pounds. Thick, firm flesh, very good keeper. We like to keep this one in the refrigerator after the initial cutting and continue to slice off small rings that can be either baked or roasted.  90-95 days.“  [ link ]

I planted the seed in Arkansas on March 17, 2010 and harvested the squash on June 23, 2010.  That’s about 98 days between planting and picking.  However, my squash was still immature and weighed just 1.3 pounds.  The vine was sickly.  It was suffering from squash bugs so I previously cut half of the wilted vine off the plant.  The stem of the above squash was being attacked by ants.  I decided to pick it while there was still something there.

What I learned

The squash I picked was just 1.3 pounds, while a fully grown squash should be much bigger, weighing 5 to 8 pounds.  When immature, this squash is edible raw.  It had a nutty flavor and was good to eat.

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March 17, 2010

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