Huge Hungarian Heart tomato... 33 ounces!

Huge Hungarian Heart tomato... 33 ounces!

Any garden tomato, big or small, is gratifying compared to the ones at the store. This one was fun to cut up though, because I never had one this big. I think normally I see 8-ounce tomatoes, but this one was 33 ounces.  That’s over 2 pounds!

Over 2 pounds

Over 2 pounds


I bought a couple of these plants when they were just babies, from Seed Savers Exchange.  The seedlings came in a box and I transplanted them to the garden.  These plants have grown faster, taller, and produced bigger tomatoes than any other variety I have grown.


  1. Rick Feltham says:

    I have saved the seeds to plant again for the
    last 50 plus years, seeds were given to my father by an old german man that lived down the road from us. We always get tomatoes 2 lbs
    and over, just huge and excellent quality, we live in western NY

  2. Les Tarjan says:

    I have been growing heirloom tomatoes for the last 30 years. Never came across anything like this till I thought to look and see if there was a Hungarian heirloom tomato. Any chance of buying seeds. We live in the only desert area of Canada, the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Area produces all kinds of fruits and vegetables. A great place to live and grow things.


    Les Tarjan

  3. Earl says:

    Les, The place where I bought the plants also sells seeds online for this heirloom tomato. Seed Savers has a current price of about $3 for 50 seeds: I have no affiliation with them, other than I have been their satisfied customer multiple times.

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