A TI Launchpad with MSP430 microcontroller on my home-made battery pack made from scrap.

Can you power a MSP430 with regular AA batteries?  The answer is yes.  In the video, I show how scrap parts can be used to make a free battery pack.  Video included after the break…

At first, I used alligator cables to connect batteries to VCC and Ground.  Then I found a connector and now use that to prevent accidental shorts.


Free Parts from Scrap

The battery holder came from a broken child’s toy.

The wire harness with connector came from a broken TV set.

Even the batteries are “free”.  The AA rechargeable batteries were in my scrap box destined for the recycle center because they would no longer charge up and were stuck at 0 Volts.  After surging them with my solar panel, they can again hold some charge, plenty of energy to run the MPS430, which only sips a tiny amount of power.

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  1. anonyous says:

    Today, I just received my MSP430 Launchpad. Immediately, I wanted to know how I can connect the board with a battery.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

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