Free rock used as a garden border.

Free rock used as a garden border.

Garden update… Video included.

When I was digging a trench in the ground for my solar panel conduit, I uncovered a dozen large rocks.  Arkansas has lots of rock.  While sometimes a nuisance to dig through and around, rock is also a resource.  So I’m using the rocks as a garden border.


When should you plant tomato seed?

I have a rule for when to plant seed in flats or pots.  Plant tomato seed when you see trees and shrubs make blossoms or flowers.  The plants know better than us when the seasons are changing.  You will still need to protect your seedlings from frost and cold temps at night.  So bring them inside at night, put them in a cold frame, greenhouse, or provide some other protection.

Tomatoes need a long time to grow and I plant early so I can some good growth before the normal heat wave hits us in the summer.  Tomato plants don’t like it when it gets above 90F in direct sunlight.

Also shown in this video:

Cat eats fresh grass.
Turnips getting close to harvest.
Garlic - Looking healthy.  Comparison between growing from cloves and bulbs.  How to weed around the plants with a trowel without damaging the garlic.

Banana - something new for me to try growing in Arkansas.


Banana seed

I plan to document the process of growing bananas here at  Wish me luck, as there is no guarantee that the plants will grow.

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