I made my first batch of homemade toothpaste.  It was much easier than I expected.

I remember my mother used to keep a container of baking soda in the bathroom and she used to brush with it.


Today I put some pure Sodium bicarbonate into a glass container and added a small amount of water, just enough to get it to a toothpaste consistency.


Dipped my toothbrush into it and brushed.  At first, I flinched because it has a bit of a salty flavor.  But I quickly got used to it.  When I was done brushing, my teeth felt clean.  When I was done brushing I immediately noticed the lack of a burning feeling on my lips and around my mouth that store-bought toothpaste always leaves with me.

Since I am using a glass container with a tight lid, I plan to make a batch maybe once a week and keep the container in the bathroom with my toothbrush.


Cheap – saves money.

Feels good – no burning feeling.

Healthy – I know what is in the paste, unlike the tubes with some chemical names I am unfamiliar with, some of which have been shown to be toxic.

“Open Source” – There is no patent or trademark for Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), so you won’t see a lot of money put into advertising it.  This toothpaste recipe is “open source” because you could make this toothpaste at home with freely available instructions all over the web, including on this page.

Variations of the Recipe

I would like to try adding some homemade oils:

Pine oil (or I might just use some strongly brewed pine drink).  Pine is antimicrobial.

Mint oil – Tons of this stuff is growing outside and I would like to make oil with it.  Mint is antimicrobial.  I love the taste of mint.

Mint is growing strong in late winter and early spring with a dark green color.

Mint (in the foreground) is growing strong on my property in early spring.

Green tea -  Instead of adding pure water, I might try adding a small amount of green tea, which is antimicrobial.

Any of the three additives above would help stop germs from growing in the paste while it sits in my bathroom.  It would also be safe and tasty to have in my mouth while I brush.


“I’ve been using tooth brush dipped in baking soda box for about 7 yrs now. I found out about this when my girlfriend had perfectly white teeth and was a regular smoker… I can tell you my teeth never have aches or pains. My dentist never find cavities and my teeth are very clean and are definitly whiter. My dentist also warned me before I started doing this that flouride was causing a lot of my tooth aches and pains…”

“I have been using it now for about a month and my teeth are whiter cleaner and feel cleaner too.  I use to have tarter build up on my bottom front tooth caused by a bad tooth and this was there nearly everyday. Now it has now gone.”

“i have been brushing my teeth with baking soda only for the past 3 years
my teeth have never been cleaner and my gums have stopped receding
i can’t stand any of the tooth pastes on the market”

A dentist said:  “”Have many elderly patients that have used nothing but baking soda as a dentifrice.  This particular population has very good gingival health, ~<2mm probing depth, very few carious teeth, etc.”

[ excerpts from http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf666974.tip.html ]


I will continue to brush with Sodium bicarbonate to avoid that burning feeling caused by store-bought Fluoride toothpaste.


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