Collecting pine needles to make a drink.

The video in this post shows some ways to identify pine trees.  How do you know the species or variety of tree?  I show a website that helps:

I accessed the web from some Arkansas woods using wifi and a Nokia N810 Internet tablet.  Using the Arbor Day website, I was able to determine one of the pine tree species to be Loblolly.

On the adventure, I found a beautiful green-colored snake perched up in a tree.


This snake is not poisonous.  I know this because its eyes have round pupils.  How do you know if a snake is poisonous?  If it has cat-like eyes, with pupils shaped like vertical slits, then it’s poisonous.  The snake I found in the woods had round pupils, so it was not poisonous.

I brought the needles home and enjoyed a Pine drink.  Even though in the video I said I would avoid Loblolly, I since changed my mind and I have drank more Pine drink made with Loblolly pine needles.  I haven’t noticed any ill effects and I like the light taste.  I still think pregnant women should avoid Pine due to its anti-estrogen effect.  But maybe this is a good thing for some men?  This needs more research.


Foraging can be fun and you end up finding new things you didn’t know existed until you looked.

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