Each year I try to grow more than the last…

…  but to do so I need more medium that garden plants can get their roots into.  The soil here is naturally hard, compact, and rocky.  I’m trying to expand the garden size by getting a load of free compost.


Is Free Compost Safe?

I would like to have the compost tested for toxins.  This stuff comes from my local water utility.  To make this compost, they added hay from the local horse race track, yard waste like cut tree branches, in addition to the sludge from waste water.  People often pour junk down the drain, like cleaning agents, toxins, poisons, and unwanted drugs, which then get processed by the water company.  The compost that they offer for free, unfortunately, most likely contains some of these toxins.  There is no test data shown at the compost site to indicate it is safe to use in growing food.  It should be tested and the data should be made publicly available.

I’m desperate to grow more food locally on my own property and am using a limited amount of this free compost anyway.  My logic is that we are already getting toxins in our food at the grocery stores:

  • Pesticides and herbicides sprayed directly on the produce
  • Untested genetically modified fruit and vegetables
  • Food colorings, preservatives, and other chemicals in processed food

I do make my own compost at home, too, using all available kitchen scraps and yard waste I have, but I’m not making it fast enough to expand my garden at the rate I desire.

So at this point, I am desperate to gain control of what gets into our bodies, and until I am sure that 100% of our food is safe and healthy, I will continue to take desperate measures, like accepting free compost that might be contaminated.  Once I’m growing all the food my family needs (if ever) then I will get pickier about the growing medium I use.


Grow more food locally so you know what you and your loved ones are ingesting.

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