Fertilizing zucchini

Fertilizing zucchini

I would like to show you how I intercepted a plastic container that was headed to the landfill and converted it into a simple, but effective, drip irrigation system.

My wife buys cat litter in these huge plastic containers.  I hate to throw these containers in the trash.  They have to be useful for something, I thought.

I took one of the containers, drilled three holes in the bottom, and then filled the container will saved rainwater.  As you can see in the video below, it does a good job of slowing the water to a trickle, giving the water time to penetrate the soil and go down deep to the plant’s roots.  The water is conserved.

Also shown in the video:

  • Companion planting carrots with tomatoes.


I especially like this system to conserve fertilizer.  I can now apply fertilizer slowly at the base of the targeted plant that needs it, and not waste any fertilizer on weeds or grass.  If I want to fertilize a zucchini plant, I now have a way to apply the fertilizer to that specific plant.  I put the container down at the base of the plant and walk away to do other tasks in the garden.  It takes about five minutes for the container to empty its contents into the soil.  I can then fill the container back up and put the container next to another plant in need of a drink and nutrients.

If you must use water from a hose, this would work well for that, too.  You could put the container next to your plant, fill it up with water from your garden hose, then walk away.


Drip irrigation containers can be made easily from large, plastic containers and it is free if you are reusing containers that would otherwise go in the trash.


  1. Philip M. Crow Sr. says:

    I seen your clip on YouTube using the kitty litter bottle. Looks to work great… BUT… lol… Something I came up with 20 yrs. ago using plastic milk jugs.
    Needed 1 gal milk jug, 3 ft. heavy string, and 1 16d nail. Tie the sting to the nail and handle. Poke the nail thru the side of the jug at the very bottom, ground level. Fill with water. Set jug with hole next to plant. Pull nail out and stick it into the soil. Loosen cap a tiny bit. It will take hours to drain. The nail keeps the jug from blowing away when empty. Works fantastic! Also, for watering small young trees, drill a 1/8″ hole in the bottom of a 5 gal. bucket near the edge. Set next to tree. Then with another bucket filled with water, pour into tree bucket. This will take 1 to 2 hours to drain. Like the milk jug, this will put the water directly at the roots of the plant. Fertilizer can be added to either as needed. You have permission to use my ideas.
    May our Creator bless you and yours!
    Philip M. Crow Sr.
    Cridersville, Ohio

  2. Earl says:

    Thank you, Philip, for sharing your ideas using the milk jugs and 5 gallon buckets for watering plants.

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