I bought my filter at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I don’t really like shopping at this store because of their inflated prices.  I was originally looking for a water distiller.  None of my local stores have one!  What’s up with that?  Clean water is the most important substance for keeping us alive and yet none of my local stores sell machines that purify water.  This is crazy to me.

ZeroWater is not a distiller, but it seems to do a good job cleaning water.

Anyway, since I want my family to have clean water, I went ahead and purchased this Zero Water Filter.  It has been performing well for us so far.


I paid $37 plus taxes for the pitcher, electronic tester, and a single filter cartridge.  I paid $30 plus taxes for (2) extra filter cartridges.  Not cheap.  Looks like they have the same price on their website:

They also carry the Brita brand, but I would never buy that brand because their packages say the Brita filters do not filter out  Fluoride!  Last I checked, Fluoride was a poison and I don’t want to be drinking it.  (By the way, I do not use toothpaste with added Fluoride and have never had a cavity.  I sometimes make my own toothpaste.)

Q. Does the ZeroWater filter remove Fluoride?

A. ZeroWater filters are not certified for the reduction of fluoride however fluoride is an inorganic compound. The TDS meter is designed to detect inorganic compounds. Fluoride levels in water are usually around 2 to 4 ppm, which will show up on the meter as 002 to 004. So when filtered water reads 000 it is not likely that fluoride is present in water. Source: when I checked on Jul-26-2016 [archived page]

Electronic Meter

I tested the electronic meter that came with the Zero Water Filter.  They call it a TDS Tester.  TDS = Total Dissolved Solids.  A higher number means there are more solids floating around in the water.  The lower the number, the more pure the water.  It measures the PPM or parts per million of dissolved solids in the water.  Here are my measurements:

Green tea:  measured a high number, around 170.  This made me happy that the tester detected that the liquid was not pure water.  Of course, this says nothing about the healthiness of the liquid, but does let you know that it is not pure water.

Tap water from Hot Springs, Arkansas:  49.  How does this compare with other locations?  Looks like we have cleaner than average water.  The average seems to fall between 100~200. [That was according to but that site appears to have been hacked when I checked on Jul-26-2016.]

Filtered water from our conventional filter system built-in to our frig:  39.

And the water coming out of the Zero Water Filter:  0!  Looks good so far.

Experiment Idea

I would like to add some contaminants, like Sodium Fluoride, to some water and see what value the TDS tester shows.  Where can I find some pure Sodium Fluoride?


  1. Miriam Levin says:

    Is there a list of contaminants that are removed by this filter. I saw the comment about the brita not removing flouride. I assume this one does?
    Please advise what this filter removes.

  2. Blake says:

    Are you still happy with the ZeroWater filter? I’ve heard about people having problems with them long term! Also, what’s the best water distiller… are there any good solar ones? Thanks!

  3. Earl says:

    I still use the Zero Water filter and have no problems with it.

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