The bible audio can play as an MP3 file in VLC or in an audio program of your choice.

The bible audio can play as an MP3 file in VLC or in an audio program of your choice.

5 FREE ways to access God’s word:

1.  Read online:

Choice #1:

Choice #2:

Choice #3:

2.  Read offline.  Download a free copy of the KJV:  KJV bible (.doc file, 1.4 MB)

3.  Search the bible with an online tool:

4. Use a powerful computer application that allows searching offline: theWord for Windows or theWord for Linux.

5.  Listen to the bible. I took a chance and downloaded a torrent that claimed to provide the entire bible in audio format.  I was not disappointed!  Recommended!  Here is the torrent file:

KJV King James Version Audio Bible Non Dramitized MP3 (18KB)

(If you do not know how to handle a torrent file, then don’t waste your time.  First learn about torrents, then come back and try downloading this.)

The torrent will download a zipped file, which is about 857MB.  After you unzip it, you will find all the MP3 files neatly organized by book.

The torrent provides all the audio files neatly organized in folders by book.

The torrent provides all the audio files neatly organized in folders by book.

The words are spoken clearly in a mature, male, American accent. The narrator’s name was not available to me. Maybe he wants credit from God and not from men.

I audited the accuracy of the reading, and the words were the same, so I trust this audio recording to be accurate.

2nd source of audio files, New Testament only:

3rd source of audio, spoken by a different narrator, Stephen Johnston:

4th source of audio, New Testament KJV, read by James Earl Jones: (The videos have been deleted as of Jan-2-2015)

How I Read the Bible the First Time

It is sometimes tough to get through the KJV, especially the first reading. If there are many proper names in a book, or if there are words I had a hard time pronouncing, I would listen to the audio while reading along.  I let the narrator do the tough work of pronouncing the words. I paused the audio sometimes to think about the deep meaning of the verses.  Because the difficulty level is elevated for the KJV, it matches what I imagine God to be:  an infinitely wise God.

The newer versions of the bible have been corrupted.  I trust the King James Version. In my opinion, God would not allow his official word to be copyrighted. The King James Version is free and in the public domain.


The King James Version is truly free, because God made it so.


  1. igambi benard says:

    soo good

  2. Joshua Shaliach says:

    I truly need The Holy Bible with a app for both scrolling while reading and without hands the Scriptures scroll up while I lessening to the audio app reading the scriptures. This way I can enjoy Scriptures on my mobile while away from home and hear it so I get washed in the Lord’s word anywhere and every where. Thanks

  3. John Gilford says:

    I look forward to reading and listening to this Bible

  4. Andrew Walker says:

    Joshua Shaliach, I know just the app for you! It’s called “Voice Dream Reader” I have it on my iPad and I love it. It will read to you any text you want. You can download any book from or upload a website or copy and paste or type in your own text or convert pdf to text. You can download different voices to read there are male and female voices and you choose how many words per minute it reads and the color of the text and the highlighted text, and it will automatically scroll up as it reads and it will tell you how much time it will take to complete the reading. It’s called “Voice Dream Reader” try to find it in the App Store. And it will read to you with the screen turned off!

  5. Ochuko says:

    Pls I need an offline kjv bible with all the chapters/books downloaded. Clear audible voice

  6. Earl says:

    Are you wanting to listen to God’s Word using a computer? If so, the torrent in the post above could help you download all the chapters for offline listening. You could download the audio (a free, but large file at ~857 MB), by first downloading the torrent, and then loading the torrent into a bittorrent program which will download for you. It’s fairly easy, even if you have never used torrents.

    Please tell me if you need more help getting God’s Word.

  7. John Sexton says:

    I have been looking for a kjv audio bible. I want to use it if I’m able to get it downloaded. If I can download is it against any licence to use on my youtube channel. Please email me and let me know.

  8. Earl says:

    The KJV is in the public domain which means you may use it and reproduce it.

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