Was a far away galaxy colonized by a super race?

Was a far away galaxy colonized by a super race?

While sleeping at night over a month ago, I had a dream… I saw an image of a galaxy, not exactly like the one in this post, but it’s what I found online and edited myself, for demonstration purposes.  In the dream, I saw the image of a galaxy, perhaps on a computer screen, and the view was zooming in on one part of a galaxy arm.


I noticed part of the galaxy had cube shapes.


That was creepy.  Did some alien civilization already grow so large that it had changed the structure of not just a planet or solar system, but part of a galaxy?


My picture editing job doesn’t look as convincing as the dream I was given.  The dream showed it with more depth.

When I was done looking at the image, I stood back and realized I was in a dark room filled with computers and some people sitting at the computers and I got the feeling I was in something like a NASA office.  Maybe people were editing the photos and there was no colonization of the galaxy.

I quietly started to walk away from the computers and wondered if these people planned on deceiving the public with edited pictures, much more convincing than the ones edited above.  If so, why would a team of people want to deceive the public?

My interpretation, to share with you, is to be sceptical of anyone that tells you they see aliens, UFO’s, or alien life or alien civilizations.  It could be a hoax. They could be fallen angels and men going along with the act, but not people from other planets.


Something will be coming to our planet soon.  The media has trained us to expect aliens from space.  But the book that mainstream media ignores, the Holy Bible, instructs us that Jesus is returning from Heaven.  He promised he would return in a cloud and everyone would see.  I think the cloud might be a cloud of angels, thousands and thousands of them.  Are you ready?

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