Have you noticed the pattern of twelves?

Examples:  A dozen eggs.  A dozen roses.  Why a dozen?  Why not 10?  More examples:

12 grades in school.

12 men have walked on the moon.

12 members in a jury.

Electronics are commonly rated at 12V DC and 120 V AC.

12 months in a year.

12 inches per foot.

12 function keys on a keyboard.

12 notes in a chromatic scale.

There was hype over the year 2012.  What is this obsession with the number 12?  This video could help answer that…


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There are many more 12’s:


The section below is presented as evidence only.  You might not be interested in this section unless you want to verify the data presented in the video. There are a few extra examples provided below that did not make it into the video.



Babies typically begin walking unassisted at 12 months old.

Source: Mayo Clinic


Girls typically begin menstrual cycles at 12 years old.

Source:  American Academy of Pediatrics


We typically lose all of our baby teeth by age 12 years.

Source: Ohio State University Medical Center


We are Carbon-12 life forms.  A mole is the number of Carbon-12 atoms that weigh 12 grams.

Source: University of Central Florida


12 pairs of ribs and 12 true ribs.

12 pairs of cranial nerves.

The tongue is connected to our brain by the hypoglossal nerve, which is the 12th cranial nerve.

Vitamin-B12 is essential to making blood.

Adult males have about 12 pints of blood in their circulation.

Our blood has 12 clotting factors.

Our skin accounts for 12% of our body weight.

Our upper back has 12 vertebrae.

The typical adult brain weighs 1200 cc.

The human brain could have over 120 billion neurons.

Impulses travel along neurons up to 120 m/s.

The average adult man requires 120W of power (2400kcal/day).

Total length of chromosome DNA chains is 12 x 10^13 m.

The average adult male breaths 12 times per minute at rest, with a lung residual volume of 1200 mL.

Department of Energy Office of Science

Springfield Technical Community College

University of Tennessee


The troposphere layer of our atmosphere rises to an average altitude of 12km.



The deepest hole ever drilled is 12 km into the crust.


The jet stream is located about 12km above the surface of the Earth.

“Jet streams are usually found somewhere between 10-15 km (6-9 miles) above the earth’s surface.” Average of 6~9 miles = 7.5 miles or 12 km.

“JET STREAM – A stream of air, about 12 km (8 miles) high”


Nautical twilight is defined to begin and end when the center of the sun is at an angle below the horizon of 12 degrees.



Solar System

Depending on how you define “planet”, we could have 12 planets in our solar system.

Source #1:

Source #2:  IAU


The minimum mass of a star is 1/12 of our sun.  “Stars less than 1/12 solar mass are called brown dwarfs. The central temperature of these stars never gets high enough to fuse hydrogen. These are “failed stars” and are very faint.  They can be thought of as large ‘Jupiters’.”

Source: National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
Since 1/12 = 0.083 or 8.3%, there are more sources:
Page 16, 33:

Our Galaxy (the Milky Way)

Total mass is approximately 1.2 x 10^12 solar masses.

Source #1: Deep Blue at the University of Michigan

Source #2: University of Groningen

Source #3: University of Iowa
Slide 37:

Source #4: National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

Radius of 12 kpc.

“Beyond a radius of roughly 40,000 ly (12 kpc), the number of stars drops much faster with radius…”

“Naab & Ostriker (2006) produced a Galactic model, incorporating many observed properties of the Milky Way. They tested the effect of star formation thresholds on their model and concluded that they would truncate the stellar surface density at a Galactocentric radius of ~ 12 kpc.”

Cornell says that our galaxy has a defined radius of ~12kpc (kiloparsecs), after which, the density of stars drops significantly.  (from a PDF)

“The Milky Way is ~ 12-15 kpc in radius and the Sun is ~ 8.5 kpc from the center.”

Source: Cornell


Diameter of 120,000 light years.

Source #1:

Source #2: Department of Physics, University of Oregon


Thickness of 12,000 light years.

Source: University of Sydney


Rotation speed of 120 km/s.

“The radial velocity dispersion shows an almost constant value of 120 km/s out to 30 kpc and then continuously declines down to 50 km/s at about 120 kpc.”

Source #1: Cornell University Library

Source #2: Deep Blue at the University of Michigan


Galaxy arms with a pitch of 12 degrees.

Source: The Universal Book of Mathematics: From Abracadabra to Zeno’s Paradoxes
By David J. Darling


12 dwarf galaxy satellites that orbit our galaxy.

Source #1:

Source #2:


Briefly, here is my motive for making the video embedded on this page.  I was a skeptic most of my life, finding it difficult to believe in God.  But I saw conspiracies all around us.  I kept searching until I found the truth.  Now, I consider myself to be a servant of Jesus Christ, as long as he will allow me to work for him.  I want everyone to know the truth about this world and how they can be saved.  There is a happy ending for those that seek it.  Heaven is real.  Jesus is the gatekeeper. I am motivated to do what I can to share this good news.


There is a pattern of 12 in our body, a pattern of 12 in the Earth, a pattern of 12 in our universe, and a pattern of 12 in the Holy Bible. This is evidence that the Holy Bible is God’s Word. There is a creator of the Holy Bible, a creator of our anatomy and a creator of our earth and the heavens above. That creator is God and his only begotten son is Jesus Christ. Jesus is alive and will return.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
John 1:1~3

The world is getting rough but you can take courage.  Jesus promised he would return after many tribulations. His Holy Spirit is with us now. He has power and we can pray to him any time from any place. He will save us from our sins. Avoid destruction. Ask questions. Seek peace, seek love, and seek the truth.  If you seek, you will find the truth.  I was lost and spiritually asleep most of my life and I finally woke up in 2011.  It is not easy to wake up because we are deep in deception. There are many false teachers and there are many false prophets that do lie.

Anyone who diligently seeks the truth will find Jesus. He will manifest himself to those that seek the truth with all their heart, all their strength, all their mind, and all their soul. Jesus is the truth.

Recommended reading:  Free Holy Bible, King James Version ~ Text and Audio

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