Strange cloud formation - a straight line!

Strange cloud formation - a straight line!


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When I was driving from Texas to Arkansas on March 21, 2012, I saw a wall of clouds in a straight line, going for most of the length of the horizon. It was a strange sight and triggered Deja-vu. It was as if I had seen it before but couldn’t recall when or where.

When I got home, I looked at the weather maps and was surprised to see what looks like the basic shape of a weak hurricane forming over land, instead of how it normally forms over the ocean. It was almost a landocane.

For a short time, I thought HAARP was disrupting the weather, because of a show on corporate media hosted by Jesse Ventura. I should have known better. Would broadcast media actually expose such a conspiracy? Or did they want us to think that HAARP was the conspiracy? Other people say it’s CO2. There is another explanation that gets almost no attention: God. “Acts of God”? God controls the weather! He’s been saying so in the Holy Bible for thousands of years but most people do not take him seriously. I am guilty of this, too. We should give God more respect! There is much power in the name of “Jesus”. Use it! I will.

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