I was browsing an online forum (turntoislam.com) and came across this interesting list of questions:

1 Why is Muhammad called a prophet when he has apparently not prophesied anything?

2 Why is the Quran such a small book after 23 years of so called revelation?

3 Why is the Quran so incredibly repetitive?

4 What miracles did Muhammad actually perform?

5 Why do Muslims think they need to pray to Mecca when God is everywhere and actually the earliest discovered mosques were directed towards Palestine?

6 Why do Muslims think the enemy is the other people?

7 What NEW Wisdom is in the Quran that was not already in the Holy Bible?

8 WHY is the Koran supposed to be beautiful only in Arabic?

9 WHY IS Muhammad not in the family line from Noah down through Solomon to Jesus not from the Same line as any other prophet?

10 WHY, when the Bible is apparently a complete book about this eternity and this universe and the whole history of life did we even need an extra book?


What new wisdom is in the Quran that is not already found in the Holy Bible? Have you ever read it? Muhammad is not mentioned one time in the Holy Bible. If he were so great, why is he left out? And if he were a prophet, why did he not prophesy anything? Jesus prophesied all the way to the end of the world. Why did Muhammad do no miracles? Jesus did so many we can’t even count them. Why is Muhammad still dead with his body in a tomb, while Jesus is alive and his tomb is empty? Who would you rather believe, a dead man or a living Lord of life?

Peace to everyone!

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  1. anon says:

    My opinion….(by the way, these questions are very easy to answer)
    1)In Islam, “Prophet” is understood to mean “messenger of God”—not “one who fortells/fortune-teller”. The Quran has two words to indicate the different types of “messengers of God”, one is Rasul, the other is Nabi.
    2)Because there is no wastage of words—it is precise and concise.
    3)The Quranic themes are sophisticated and very nuanced—unfortunately, this is lost in translation unless one reads the translated Quran extra carefully.
    4)There are different opinions on this. Apparently, the early biographies do not emphasise miracles, the later ones do. The Quran does not emphasize any miracles of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) though it mentions those of other Prophets. It is thought that this is because the pursuit of knowledge (all types of knowledge) is more important in the Quran. The Quran does not advocate blind belief—rather “faith”/conviction must be arrived at through the use of ones reason and intellect.
    5) The info may be incorrect. The Quran itself directs Muslims to pray towards Mecca—not because God is there—but to bring unity(fraternity) to the Muslim community (Ummah)
    6)Muslims do not think so—the info is incorrect.
    7) Universality. —There is only ONE God and he(genderless) is the God of all human beings regardless of the religious label they choose to call themselves by.
    8) The Arabic Quran has an almost poetic rhythm to it when it is recited.
    9)Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) is from the family line of Prophet Abraham(pbuh) through his son Ishmeal.
    10)The Quran says that the revelation is for those who have not recieved Guidance before…Prophet Abraham(pbuh) was promised by God that his progeny would recieve Guidance—the Jews were sent much Guidance—so the Quran was sent to the decendents of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) through Ishmael….thus fulfilling God’s promise.

  2. Earl says:

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Because I want peace, I am most interested in your response to #6. You say, regarding enemies being the other people, that Muslims “do not think so”. Could you quote anything from the Quran that backs that up? Where is the message of peace, forgiveness, and love in the Quran? Was Muhammad a peaceful, godly man?

    The Holy Bible has many commandments about loving and forgiving others, yet many people ignore it. For example, most people are not aware that God’s word commands the military:

    Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.” Luke 3:14 KJV

    If we would actually follow what the Holy Bible teaches, we would have peace now. But most people do not read, study, and follow the Holy Bible, including those that call themselves “Christian”. I suspect many Muslims are the same, following what a man tells them at congregational prayer, but failing to study the scriptures themselves. People are herded like sheep into following the wrong teachings, regardless of religion. People who love the truth will spend the time studying and will break free of the false teachings.

    Peace to you.

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