This clip is from the movie “David and Goliath” with King Saul talking to David of Bethlehem. David was an ancestor of Jesus Christ.

The movie deviates from the Holy Bible quite a bit, so I would put no trust in the movie and would not recommend the movie. However, I do wonder about owls. Owls are used as a symbol all around us. The people who made this movie many decades ago felt the need to mention this symbol.

Another movie that includes the owl symbol is Blade Runner.

The Holy Bible says the owl is an abomination and is unclean to eat as a source of meat.

Leviticus 11 : 13

Peace to everyone!


  1. melissa says:

    Hi..was just wondering if you’ve heard of the great owl statue at Bohemian Grove ??! Just type it in on Youtube ..

  2. melissa says: look at the picture of the front door! Looks just like the ‘Bohemian Grove Owl”!! I clicked on the link to the ‘contributers’ ..billion dollar companies like Coca Cola,Nestle,Edy’s…of whom the CEO’s would attend such Grove meetings! The weild huge political sway thru contacts and contributions!! G They hide in plain sight!! Good find!!

  3. Earl says:

    Hi, yes I have seen and heard about that. The bible’s predictions are coming true.

    “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”
    Luke 8:17

    The truth is getting out, that this world is much more spiritual than we were programmed to believe. Why do they call it “television programming”? We were programmed with misinformation.

    To anyone reading: The first step to waking up is to know that we are in a spiritual war. The next step is to choose your side. I hope that anyone visiting this website would choose the winning side with Jesus. His tomb is empty. His remains cannot be found. Why? Because he was raised from the dead and his body is not on Earth today. He will return for vengeance against the wicked, as he promised. If anyone has not prayed to God and asked forgiveness, then they are not on the winning side. But it’s easy to change sides and it’s easy to be forgiven. Just pray to God from any location and ask to be forgiven, then ask Jesus into your heart to save you. Peace!

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