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I am home schooling both of my kids now. I made the decision to stop letting the ruling class raise my kids for me. Whoever runs the schools is programming the next generation. All public schools answer to a national authority. Have you ever met the rulers of your local public schools?

If the ruling class wants to teach that the world is millions of years old, that’s what the kids will grow up “believing”. The kids can’t prove it using science, because the schools provide no tools to age the earth. We are instead programmed to believe. It’s a religion. The public schools are teaching an unscientific religion. That religion fooled me for years, as I am one of those programmed by the public school system. I finally broke free.

My son was reading books at public school about a “Wimpy Kid” who seemed to hate his family and friends. Does the government want the next generation to be wimpy cowards? My daughter brought home a book from public school to read as homework that was about a “space girl”, a girl that visited earth from a space ship. What is the point of these books?

I took my kids out of public school and now teach my kids with truth. I am raising them to have courage, not fear; truth, not lies; love, not hate.

Our ancestors made a big mistake when they started handing the kids over to strangers to be programmed. I have met many wonderful teachers, but they usually teach only what their masters let them, else they lose their job and source of money. I teach my kids for free.

I am relearning what’s real with the teachings of Jesus Christ and his KJV Holy Bible.

Peace to everyone!

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