If you use the Firefox browser, you might have noticed that sometimes you are redirected to Google.

How to stop your queries from being sent to Google.

If I enter an improper URL in the address bar, like this…


It gets sent to Google…


Now Google has my query.


I did not want to go to the Google servers. (I rarely use Google Search.) So, how can we keep Firefox from redirecting to Google?

In the address bar, type: about:config


Then type into the filter: keyword.enabled


Above, you can see that the value is set to true. Right-click on this and select “toggle”.


Now, the value should be false.


Firefox should not send your keywords to Google now. It seems to work now for me. Now, if I enter an invalid URL in the address bar, I see this:


That message makes more sense to me. I want to know if the URL I entered is not valid instead of being redirected with no explanation as to why I am being redirected.


You can disable the Firefox setting so that your queries are not automatically sent to Google servers.

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