I noticed YouTube has an image that almost looks like an upside-down cross.


See it?  I’ll cut out the distractions.


I will now crop out part of the above image.  I am not adding to the image, just removing everything but the cross:


I removed the hand above the cross, but added nothing to it.  It sure looks like an upside-down cross to me.  Jesus was killed on a cross to pay the price for our sins.  Jesus is alive today and will return all-powerful for revenge against the wicked, so to be safe, I suggest that YouTube change their graphic to not bring upon them the wrath of God.  Of course, they will not listen to me, will they?  Here is an edit I made, that I think they could safely use:


Why didn’t they do it this way in the first place?  It would look cleaner that way and be less likely to look anti-Christ.

Peace to everyone.

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