A secret Soviet drilling program made some surprising findings, challenging the geology text books.

  • They could drill no deeper than 12 km.  Why?
  • They found distinct layers underground, as if by design.
  • Water was found as deep as they could drill.
  • Rock deep down was porous, and not as dense as shown in Geology and Earth Science text books.

We should stop assuming we know everything. We should ask more questions.


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Drilling work at Kola Ultradeep.



Kola Ultradeep


Analyzing rock samples from drilling at Kola Ultradeep.


The rock samples show distinct layers in the crust.

Previous geological models have been found to be false through observations and actual data. During a secret Soviet program, called the Kola Ultradeep, drilling into the earth’s crust began in 1970 at the Kola Peninsula. After years of drilling, by 1983, the Soviets managed to drill 12 km deep. But once at the 12 km mark, they got stuck. For the next 10 years, they were only able to drill 0.262 more km. They could not get past the 12 km mark. The drilling program made a scientific discovery that disproved previous geological models of the Earth’s intereor. Previously, we were told that the deeper you go into the Earth’s crust, the more dense the rock would be and the less porous the rock would be. In reality, they found that many kilometers deep, the rocks were cracked and riddled with numerous pores, with water solutions moving freely.


Surprise: the crust is made up of distinct layers.

The secret Soviet drilling program started in 1970 and found surprising results that are now partially available online.  The program, called Kola Ultradeep (or Superdeep), tried for many years to drill deeper than 12 km, but they could never get any deeper than that.  There seems to be something preventing man from getting any deeper than 12 km.


Drilling stopped at 12 km and never reached the goal of 15 km.

Could it be that God has set a limit on how deep we can go?

Pattern of 12

Kola Ultradeep made discoveries that put current geology models in question.  Examples:  the rock does not go from least dense on top of the crust to more dense under the crust.  In fact, the rock is porous and holds water, all the way down to the deepest ever drilled.  This helps explain the great flood and the account of Noah’s ark.

I was never taught this in public school.  Were you?  Why was this program kept secret for so many years?  Should we show this evidence to our children?  The evidence supports the claim in the Holy Bible that there was a great flood about 4,500 years ago.


Official Kola Ultradeep website (in Russian): http://superdeep.pechenga.ru/






Holy Bible, KJV (in the public domain)



Our planet was designed.

There are many more 12’s:


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