A State of Emergency in West Virginia after a wind storm, up to 125 MPH, caused power and water outages to ~ 688,000 people in that state.

July 2012

A huge maple tree falls, just missing Dan's house!

A huge maple tree falls, just missing Dan's house!

Dan was one of those people. [ dan796 (at) suddenlink.net ] When the winds hit his property, he prayed to the Lord. He considered that the huge maple tree by his house could fall over and crush him inside his house. Dan immediately prayed. Did the Lord hear him? See the video for evidence…

If you want to contact Dan, let me know.

The Lord can save your soul. But can he also save you in times of trouble? Is the Lord Jesus our super hero? I think he is better than any super hero, because he is true and other super heroes are works of fiction that distract us from reality. Jesus is our saviour. If you want to be saved, call on his name.

Next time you are in a scary storm, do not fear, but instead, pray.

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10 : 13


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