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A tour of my garden on July 19, 2012. It is hot and dry here. My plants are dying or already dead. I was feeling upset about it until I took a step back and considered my blessings.

It is amazing how when you focus on the negatives, you feel negative and when you focus on the positives you feel positive.

I show you my cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, watermelon, peppers… most of them are dead. Sorry that this is kind of disappointing, but it is important to share what is truly happening in this world. The bible tells us famines are a sign of the end.

I believe that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. I believe that he will save us, if you have prayed to God, asked forgiveness for your sins, and asked Jesus into your heart to save you and to help you stop sinning. I did this, and while I do not claim to be perfect, Jesus has helped me to stop sinning. I read the KJV Holy Bible and it appears to me that we are in the beginning of the times of tribulation.

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