The rulers of the darkness of this world want us to believe a lie, so that we will bow down and worship a beast. Could aliens from other planets be part of that lie?


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We have been led astray by the rulers of this world to fear each other, hate each other, steal from each other, and kill each other. The evil rulers lead us to self-destruction, but there is a way to be saved.

This world is in for a huge surprise when the true Jesus Christ returns. Jesus is the opposite of the world’s rulers. Jesus is a humble, yet powerful king, courageous, loving, gentle, and full of truth. Will you be faithful to him while he is gone or will you worship the beast that rises before him?

Please do not be deceived. When Jesus returns, he will be all powerful and will be terrible against the wicked. Let us prepare for him and be ready to meet him. But do not be deceived. Many tribulations will arise before Jesus returns. Will we do good when the world turns evil? It is an amazing endurance test of our faithfulness to Him. No one knows the day or hour of his return, including me.

Peace to everyone.

To know the rest, read the King James Holy Bible.

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