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Smoke could be seen coming out of Mount Riante (or one ridge over from it). That is in Arkansas on July 29, 2012. I saw some orange flames, but mostly smoke. I smelled smoke and saw ash flying through the air. It was 100 degrees, hot, sunny, and we are in a drought. Dead grass and dead trees were visible, showing how dry it is. I wondered if the whole mountain could catch on fire. I was concerned for the people that have houses on and around that mountain, including a horse ranch.

I prayed to God, asking him to do a miracle, to let it rain. I prayed repeatedly and encouraged other onlookers to pray, too. Even though we are in a drought, it began to rain, as if God heard us! Was it a miracle? Believe it or not! There was lightning and thunder, too.

Mount Riante is on the border of two counties: Hot Spring County and Garland County.

I had the pleasure of meeting State Representative Bruce Cozart (District 24) and his wife. I was so happy to hear them say they were believers in Jesus and Bruce knew the scriptures. I was happy to meet other believers that stopped their cars to watch the fire. I also met a young fire fighter cadet, Caleb Shirley, and his mother, Stephanie, that told me they believe in Jesus.

I recorded most of the video from Highway 7.

Peace to everyone.

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