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Antarctica must have been warmer years ago if gigantic animals like dinosaurs lived there. Big animals need a lot of food to sustain their lives, requiring also an abundance of plant matter, and plant growth also requires warmth which Antarctica does not currently have much of. So Antarctica has changed dramatically, getting colder and colder until it is virtually frozen over. You might conclude that the earth has experienced a cooling, at least in Antarctica.

Dr. William Hammer from Augustana College, reported that he found many animal remains in Antarctica and concluded that it must not have been that cold in Antarctica for animals to have lived there.

I believe the earth’s weather is getting worse, in both temperature extremes…. hotter in some places, and colder in other places. We are witnessing the curse that God warned our ancestors about, if we should forsake him and his ways. And there is no doubt that this world does neither love God or follow his good way. Jesus taught us the way that leads to life, but few find it! Man without God is a recipe for disaster, and Satan is all too willing to capitalize on our rebellion, leading anyone down with him to share his fate, unless they repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ!


Cold and wind at Antarctica

Antarctica in the Age of Reptiles

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