In a dream, I saw Barack Obama in the White House open a cabinet. Inside were several light-emitting colored orbs. He reached his hand toward them and picked one up.



Download HD MP4 video (61 MB)

Also shown in this video is a Samsung notebook computer running the Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft Corporation chose an opening screen showing four flying spheres of light, which look like what Barack had in a cabinet in the White House, as I saw in a vision of the night.


The yellow orb video clip was made with computer editing and a green screen, making it appear that an orb was shot in Taipei, Taiwan….

【幕後花絮】孫悟空在台北騎筋斗雲 – Yes Ranger
(”Behind the scenes” ride in Taipei of the Monkey King somersault cloud)
The orb is shown at the end of the video below:

How do people come up with ideas like this, to hold an orb in their hands and use them as weapons? But what are orbs? They could be real…. perhaps it is some spiritual energy. I am still waiting for the Lord to teach me on this.

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