If you don’t want to be killed and be cut up like a pig in a slaughter house, then obey God’s commandment: thou shalt not kill. [Exodus 20 : 13] If you disobey this commandment and kill another man, be prepared to be killed. If you are already guilty, repent and turn to Jesus, and he can save you.

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Gun bans will not keep us safe. Men have been killing other men with swords for thousands of years. A gun ban would lead to more deaths by sword and other weapon types.

Only Jesus Christ the Lord can save you from every threat, but of course, you have to have faith to believe that, don’t you? Increase your faith daily. You will need it. I pray each person that reads this will get a boost of faith in the Lord’s ability to protect. Please pray for me, too.

And when you are provoked to anger or fear, you will require patience to not want to kill another man. These are two things that the saints will be tested on: patience and faith, according to Revelation 13 : 10.

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