Old tape cassettes can contain a treasure in the form of words from the past, like a precious song performed by a father and daughter together years ago. Or how about hearing your father tell you, “I love you”?

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Old books can also contain a treasure. Some books contain prophecies, telling the future, a long time ago.

Could you imagine thick darkness lasting three days, like a solar eclipse that seems to last forever?

There are three main harvests in the bible: barley, wheat, and grape. Those people that are harvested by God, both the living and the dead, could be sorted into one of those three different harvests. Which group do you want to be in?

Barack Obama says we are all God’s children and we all want to live in peace and security. But sudden destruction will come on them, because the world has forsaken their Creator. Men kill, steal, and destroy, with no fear for God. But God will show the world his power, and then men’s hearts will fail them for fear.

Jesus Christ is Lord and will save those who call on him. Many messengers are receiving words from him. Here are a couple:

YouTube / Jeannie Hardesty

YouTube / God’s Love Thru Us His Family/Jesus Christ/Yeshua

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