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People might even be required to have the mark of the beast if they want to buy Google Adwords.

The Lord Jesus Christ said there will be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.


Max Headroom on PBS says the Alphabet – How did the government get so many famous actors onto the Sesame Street show? PBS was funded by the government.

Max Headroom was also on the David Letterman show, and it sounded like he said “666″.

Eminem – Rap God Explicit – this music video included references to God, Satan, the lake of fire, and the Holy Bible. They even showed artwork depicting Moses holding the ten commandments. The wicked that rebel and refuse to obey the commandments will have their time in the lake of fire. [Revelation 21 : 8] But any one of us can repent and be saved…. we can turn away from our sins and turn toward God. Jesus tasted death on the cross for every man. He took the punishment for us…. because God so loved the world.

Scriptures to read

Revelation 19 : 19-20
Revelation 21 : 8
Revelation 12 : 11-12
Matthew 24 : 21

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