I am proud of our cats for helping out in the home.

Since it was night, I used the night vision mode on my camera for some of the photos.

Yes, the cats went on pest patrol and came across a snake in our house at night. That snake did not have a chance to cause any trouble, but instead it was overcome by the cats and perished!

Look at the meaty paws!

In the photo above, Levi is playing with the dead snake. These cats think it’s fun to play with snakes! I like how we can see Benji’s eyes glowing, with two orange lights reflecting off the wooden floor.


Another job well done by the cats. They don’t have many tasks, but occasionally they jump into action if there is a need. Can you see that the two cats above are brothers? They look alike but they are not identical.

The snake did not go to waste. I scooped up its dead body and took it outside to the chickens. They were already sleeping in the workshop, but when I showed them the snake while shining a flashlight on it, one of the chickens grabbed it in her beak and ate it whole!

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