Yesterday a grandmother named Jolene told me a little more about her son that was killed in a motorcycle wreck. Dustin was a father with two daughters when he died, leaving his mother to raise them. Jolene said she has indian blood in her family and she is spiritual, but is against mainstream religion. I don’t blame her.

I asked her if she believes her son communicates with her from the spirit world. She said he does. I asked her how does he communicate with her. Jolene said he communicates through blue jay feathers. If she sees a blue jay feather, it tells her that her son is there. She said one time there was a blue jay feather in her house and somehow it got moved from one room of the house to another room, finding its resting place on a pillow.

Last night in prayer, I asked the Lord if he would allow me to give a message to Jolene from her deceased son. If Dustin would want me to pass on a message, with the Lord’s permission, I would be happy to do so. It is exciting to me, actually, to think I could pass a message on from the spirit world to the physical world. If it was the Lord’s will, then I was interested.

This morning after I woke up, before I even had breakfast, I went outside to let the chickens out. I also walked by a garden bed and noticed how much grass was growing in it. I planted nothing in that garden bed this summer, because I wanted to spend more time with the Lord, with less distractions. I still love gardening, though.

At the edge of the garden bed a feather caught my eye. I picked it up and turned it over and saw a blue color to it. I immediately remembered Dustin and how his mother said he used blue jay feathers to communicate with her.


I rarely see feathers on the ground, except for chicken feathers, and it is even more rare for me to see this particular species of bird feather, so this could not be a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. So I emailed Jolene and told her what happened, telling her that I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ and then found a blue jay feather. I hope this bit of evidence softens her heart toward our God, the Father of all spirits!

If you would care to pray, please pray that Jolene and her granddaughters would have their hearts opened to the truth and recognize God in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And I would also appreciate your prayer, if you would pray that I would be more receptive to messages from the spirit world, under the supervision of the Lord Jesus Christ, to help mortals and spirits alike find love, peace, and truth.


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