It is one of the ten commandments but one I have mostly ignored. God said to make the seventh day of the week holy, a day of doing no work, a day of rest. But which day of the week is the sabbath?

My cats do not need me to command them to rest…. they have that mastered. But we humans are not so good at resting peacefully.

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God says we should rest on the seventh day, the sabbath day. But the bible does not include the words “Saturday” or “Sunday”, so which day is the seventh?

My dictionary defines Saturday as the seventh day. But I don’t see anyone making Saturday a holy day. I don’t see anyone making Sunday holy, either, although I see people going to church on that day.

I have been praying about this and I would like to start observing Saturday as the sabbath, a day I would spend mostly at home resting in the Lord.

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