The seven stars of Orion:

7 stars - numbered

Using a pencil and paper, I tried to draw his face. He created the seven stars and Orion, and all the host of heaven. And only he has the power to restore our land. We Christians should pray to him for mercy. At the end of this video is a sketch of Jesus Christ.

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United States Vice President Mike Pence encouraged us to pray to God.

By connecting the stars of Orion with lines, I found two intersecting triangles. The flag of Israel also shows two interesting lines. Triangles are also used by the free masons, Google play, and Satanists. But them using triangles does not make the triangles evil, just as a Satanist wearing an upside-down cross does not make the cross evil.

The intersecting crosses seen in the Orion constellation also look like two X’s touching each other…. XX.

I recently enjoyed using a telescope to wonder at God’s creation. And while looking at the stars, I remembered the dream I had about stars burning so bright that night became day.

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Jesus - sketched by Earl with pencil on paper - some edits with Gimp

Seven stars of Orion:
Seven stars of Orion

The seven stars of Orion with lines connecting the points forms two intersecting triangles:
The seven stars of Orion with lines connecting the points forms two intersecting triangles.

Do you also see above: XX? Females have two X sex chromosomes.

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