If Trump can speak freely and easily about matters of faith, why can’t we? We can and should confess our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings among men.

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Please let us all pray for our president.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Give Trump wisdom to work according to your will. Give him spiritual wisdom and spiritual truth. Remove and wrong thinking or false doctrine.

Help him stop idol worshippers from entering our country, end all homosexual marriage government benefits, end the transgender bathroom bill, protect our children from sexual confusion, stop abortions, and seek peace with other nations.

Protect Trump’s life and the lives of his family, friends, supporters, and workers. Prevent all enemy attempts to kidnap or harm: him, his family, friends, and his workers.

Give Trump good health and energy to do your work. Give him strong teeth and strengthen his heart. Give him an accurate memory and a quick mind.

Encourage Trump and his administration with kind words and good help, and with your love. Amen.


President Trump Makes Remarks at the Liberty University Commencement Ceremony – The White House

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