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Quote found in: 1996 Boating Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide

The video is based on a dream that I remembered on Jun-08-2017.

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Donald Trump and (Ginger) Marla Maples

I entered a booth, which looked like a tall tent, but only big enough for a few people. It felt like a fair and a game was set up in the booth. A picture frame flashed about six numbers. The man in the booth said, “Name three numbers you saw.” I didn’t say anything and I couldn’t remember what numbers were flashed. The picture frame flashed many numbers this time. “Name nine numbers you saw.” I wondered, weren’t there more than nine numbers shown? Could the numbers be one through nine? I saw a man leave the booth, as if he were done playing.

Somehow I was able to inspect the game and see all the numbers. Each number was in a rectangle of its own, like in its own picture frame. I found the numbers, one, two, three… it kept going, until I saw numbers in the forties. I saw one frame with wheels rolling back and forth on a table and I worried that it might fall off the table. I think I stopped counting at number 45. That number was for a TIME magazine, with Trump on the cover.

Then I was in a hotel room. I was on a bed and Donald Trump was in the room, not in the bed, but standing in the room talking to me. He told me how a woman he knew (I think he was talking about his ex-wife Marla Maples) hurt the men that she loved.

Now the woman he was talking about was in the bed with me, to my right and smiling. Donald walked up to the bed and introduced her to me and I don’t know if he told me her name, but I knew her name was Ginger. The woman looked just like Marla Maples to me though. I was confused. Trump told me, “She cooks a traditional hamburger.” She looked at me and I thought there was lust in her eyes. But she and Donald went to another bed and Donald, fully dressed, stood at the corner of the bed and the woman’s dress was brought up above her waist and I believe he was touching her. I didn’t want to stay around to watch and felt it was urgent I leave.

I found my pajama pants and folded them, and found my socks on the floor. I tried to put those clothes away, grabbed my Bible, and headed for the door. I felt like I was physically aroused and thought, I have to get out of here! Does Donald want me to be in here with them? This isn’t right for me to be in the room with these two. Before I got to the door, I turned around to get my coat because I knew it was cold outside. That’s the end of the dream. I never saw myself getting out of the room.

Observations while awake….

Marla Maples is quoted as saying, “I’ve always modeled myself after Ginger.” Source: I only learned this because the dream made me want to search for any connection between the name Ginger and Marla Maples, and I was surprised when I found this connection.

Trump is the 45th president. I think that is the number in the dream associated with the TIME magazine having Trump on the cover.

Trump has been on the cover of the TIME magazine. I didn’t know that until I searched online.

I got out of bed and put my pajamas away…. I am not sleeping spiritually like I once was.

I had to leave fast and it was cold outside. “Pray that your flight be not in the winter.” [Mark 13:18]

The great tribulations that are coming will be terrible, but if we want to escape, the Lord must find us worthy. Perhaps this dream means we should be ready to leave this world quickly while everyone else is sleeping and while they dream of the lusts of the flesh. The “church of Philadelphia” will be kept from the hour of temptation. [Revelation 3:10]

Will Trump go back to ex-wife Marla while married to Melania? I pray for these people, that they will make good choices and be protected from the evil.

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