After I prepared my breakfast, I looked at the food and realized all of it came from my garden and property: the fried egg came from one of my chickens, the fried okra and small amount of hot pepper came from my garden, and the freshly sliced tomato was hand picked from a volunteer plant in my garden this morning!



None of this food was purchased with money, except for a little bit of sunflower oil used in frying, salt, and crushed coriander seed for seasoning the egg.

The tomato was from a volunteer plant. Earlier this spring, I saw a tomato seedling popping up out of the compost pile. I took a chance, not knowing what variety of tomato it would be, but transplanted the baby plant into a prepared garden bed. It’s all grown up now! I provided some water and mulch for the plant, and God took care of the rest, giving us really good weather on our property all this year, so finally today one of the tomatoes were ready to be harvested! I recognize this tomato as being a variety descended from a grocery store tomato, a small dark tomato. The fresh tomato this morning was eaten within the same hour it was picked, and it was fully ripe, so it was better quality than the ones from the grocery store! And it was free, for no money!

If God had not given us good weather at our house this year, this harvest would not be possible. When I was an unbeliever and being disobedient to God’s commandments, I remember having harder times growing food, including drought, exceedingly high temperatures, and hail. This year is probably the best year I have ever experienced for weather at my house, with just the right amount of rain so that I barely have to water the plants myself. I have not used any city water in the garden this year, but have used collected rainwater and water from the AC. And the temperatures have been cooler than previous years. These favorable growing conditions boost my faith in a loving God, who blesses us with good weather when we are seeking to obey his commandments of love, but serving us bad weather for correction, when we are disobeying his commandments of love.

Since I made Jesus my Lord, I have definitely noticed an improvement in the weather around my house. When I didn’t believe in Jesus, I remember having hail damage on my garden at least two different years. And I see horrible changes in the weather now all around the world. But since choosing Jesus, he has blessed me and my house and keeps the hail away from my house and garden. That is what I believe, and I wanted to share this with you, to help you make a good choice…. or to stay faithful to him if you have already chosen him.

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