Trump associates himself with the 7th president, Andrew Jackson. Both are number 7: the 7th king and the 7th president!

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Barack Obama linked two movies with himself: The Lion King and The King’s Speech. He showed himself to be two kings in one (the 6th and 8th). And the beasts of the earth bow down to this king. He is the king of the beasts, but not king of those men that keep their dignity and refuse to bow to a beast, instead calling only Jesus Christ their Lord. Jesus is the King of kings.

Obama, Trump, Obama…. kings 6, 7, and 8, as written in Revelation 17 : 10-11.

If we were to count the kings, what sign would God give us to help us know where to begin counting the kings?

President #38 is known to be Gerald Ford. But that was not the name he was born with. His original last name was King. [Source] When he was a baby, his mother remarried and he took the name of his stepfather. He could have been a “King” (his biological father’s last name) but he was renamed Ford.

And he was not elected, but appointed as kings are. However, he did not serve a full term and filled the office of president until the next election.

Ford’s path to presidency was an unusual one. Nixon was president #37. His vice president (Spiro T Agnew) resigned in 1973 after being accused of accepted bribes. Nixon appointed a replacement: Gerald Ford, to take the place of vice president. The next year (1974), Nixon resigned because of a scandal involving a break-in to the Democratic National Convention headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. Ford moved up in rank again, this time as president.

Ford was not elected president…. he was appointed as vice president and later filled the president’s office when Nixon resigned.

And a ford is a place in a river, stream, or other body of water where people may cross over. [Source] I believe Gerald Ford is the “dividing line” and the presidents after him are the kings referred to by Revelation 17:10. I also believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords, King of kings, and God of gods.

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