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In this dream, Donald Trump was in a grocery store sitting in an electric scooter. A refrigerated section of food separated him from me. I was standing up and leaned over the regrigrated produce to ask him a question.

“What would you think if God withheld his hand from you?” I thought this question meant, what would Trump think if God stopped protecting him.

He began to talk about Obama, but I cannot remember anything specific that he said.

Then I saw Obama standing up, wearing a suit, at the corner of a shopping aisle. I looked at Trump and wanted to say, “Speaking of the devil….” But instead I said, “There he is….” I wanted to warn Trump to not say anything he would regret since Obama was there and might listen.

Then I saw Obama pick up a box of frozen pizza. I saw half of a star on the package.

And that is the end of the dream.

Here are a few thoughts I had. Trump was sitting down and Obama was standing up. Could this mean Trump is getting tired and Obama is ready for action? Why was the setting in a grocery store? And why did Obama select frozen pizza? Why was there half of a pentagram on the box?

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