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Would anyone like to help test my bittorrent setup?

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A desktop computer running Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system.

This computer kept a file hidden from me for years, while storing my personal data.

This peculiar file, which was hidden from me for years, kept some of my personal data, including passwords, in plain text. Microsoft kept the file hidden from me, and when I did find it, Microsoft would not let me delete it. This odd file is named pagefile.sys. This post includes video…
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He wants to transform the so-called Israel into a global cyber power. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes it clear this cyber power is not for charity, but it is for investments: to make money, to gain riches and wealth from this temporal world. What happened to seeking the kingdom of God?

Watch the video…
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Which RSS reader do you use? I use GreatNews to keep up with my favorite feeds.

GreatNews open on my Windows Vista desktop. Click on image for more resolution.

There are many other choices of RSS readers, but GreatNews is my favorite, as it works well on my thumb drive as a portable application.

My computer that runs Windows slowed down, and the CPU cycles went up, and the internet activity increased. It appears that the computer had a virus. Here is a summary of what happened and how the computer was fixed using a Live CD.

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If you use the Firefox browser, you might have noticed that sometimes you are redirected to Google.

How to stop your queries from being sent to Google.

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Here is one policy where I agree with Obama:  Kids should not be set loose on Facebook.  Apparently, the president and the First Lady do not let their children on Facebook…


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Social media could be used more for good and is an under-used tool for spreading peace and truth. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are used by people all over the world. Imagine if people around the world would try harder to be friends, how our world would be a happier, safer place.

Avoid: hate, lies, rumors, fear.

Try to spread: Truth, courage, and love. (That’s what Jesus Christ taught us.)

I used to try to encourage people to garden, to grow healthy fruits and veggies at home, to capture clean, renewable energy like solar and wind. Now that I know more about what is really going on, I am trying to use social media to spread the gospel, as Jesus commanded.

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15

Did you get a copyright dispute from Youtube like the Global Warming Mashup video?

Here is how to dispute it, but Youtube might not respond.

UPDATE, a few weeks later, Nov-10-11: YouTube did not respond.

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My mother forwarded a suspicious email to me for me to take a look at.  It appeared to be a clever hacking attempt.  I looked into the issue and decided to take a few actions.


I will share some steps with you that might help.

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I was updating Mozilla Thunderbird, the free email program, and noticed an unwanted internet connection.

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I caught my computer making unwanted connections to a server with the IP

What data is being sent and how to stop this?  I share my results and tips with you.

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Video playing on a Nokia N810

I accidentally deleted an entire folder of videos from my Nokia N810.  To make matters worse, there is no “undo” and no recycle bin.  So how did I recover the erased folder?

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I’ve been watching the packets of data fly in and out of my computer’s network card and I’m surprised how much unsolicited traffic there is.  From my observation, the biggest consumer of those packets is Google.

Here are some things you can do to keep Firefox from sending too much information to Google.  Break the tie between Firefox and Google…

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Using the network monitoring program, CurrPorts, we can see which websites we visit send data to Google’s servers.  I’m talking about websites that are neither owned or operated by Google.  It might be surprising that data is being sent to Google as we visit other websites along the web.  For example, going to causes many unwanted internet connections…


Above, Currports tells us that we are connecting to not only Google’s servers, but Facebook’s servers as well.  ( is one of Google’s servers.)  We can block both of them and more.

How to Block Google Analytics, Google ads, Facebook, etc…


Why does wmplayer.exe access the internet without our permission?

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This machine’s software was a monster to remove from my computer.

Radica U-Create, by Mattel

Radica U-Create, by Mattel

The machine by itself is harmless, but when I installed the optional software that came with it, I had trouble.

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While reviewing Youtube user pages, I noticed a pattern of some users being listed as subscribers over and over on many different channels.  This post shows how to identify these subscription spammers and block them.

block Youtube subscription spammers

This user has subscribed to over 9,000 other channels... most likely a subscription spammer.

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While watching my computer and how it connects to the internet, I have noticed that my computer is usually connected to a Google server.  I don’t want my computer connected to anything unless I direct it to.  So, I am blocking Google from accessing the web with my computer.  Here is how I did it using Vista’s firewall:

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I am in the process of cleaning out programs from my computer that have been accessing the internet without my knowledge.

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On my Vista machine, I checked out my task scheduler and was surprised by all the Google activity.  Why is Google so active on my computer?

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Google is Clogging Up My Task Scheduler

I have been watching my computer lately to see what it’s doing on the internet.  I want to make sure I haven’t been hacked.  I’m surprised how many different IP addresses my computer connects to without my consent.  GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe is one of them.

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What is this IP that always appears connected to my computer?

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Edited May-3-2014

There is an alternative to RSSOwl – read on for another choice.


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