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For years, I have been saving dead batteries in a cardboard box. I did not want to throw the dead batteries in the trash, which then would go into the earth with some toxic waste. I learned how to recycle the batteries and it was much easier than I expected. I share the results with you.

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My nine-year-old son drew some pictures for me for Father’s Day.  For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I like capturing energy from clean sources, like wind.  My son knows me well and drew a special picture for me.  For all those fathers out there that like clean energy, I would like to share my son’s drawing with you.  :-)

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day - 2011

And to my dad: I wish you a special and happy day. Thanks for being my father. :-)

Crazy, unnatural radar patterns are emerging around the world.

Crazy, unnatural radar patterns are emerging around the world.

Could man create destructive weather?  Scientists from generations ago, like Tesla, said “yes”.

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Do smoke alarms cause cancer?

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This is an experiment generating electricity from scrap metal.

Scrap CRT TV lying on the ground produces electricity as it rusts.

Scrap CRT TV lying on the ground produces electricity as it rusts.

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I did an experiment, trying to clean metal in a new way (for me).  I burned some potatoes to the bottom of a pot and it needed to be cleaned.  I made the mistake of not putting in enough water and the potatoes burned at the bottom.  It was a mess and needed to be cleaned.  I decided to try an experiment and brought the camcorder with me to share the results.

The results of using hydrolysis to help clean the burned pot.

The results of using hydrolysis to help clean the burned pot.

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How do you know if the sales price on a solar panel is a good deal?


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Video after the break…

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Human-Powered Carousel

Human-Powered Carousel

Man lifts about 300 pounds over his head with ease, as shown in the video…

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When jets and airplanes make contrails, they are preventing solar power from reaching earth.



Video attached…

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How to charge a cell phone with a solar panel…


I show how you could charge a cell phone in an emergency, if you get cut off from grid power.

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A couple different adapters plugged into a 12V battery

A couple different adapters plugged into a 12V battery

My USB adapter quit working. I opened it up to see what the circuit looks like and determine what caused it to fail.

Also shown: Charging a cell phone with a wind turbine.

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This is a public record of my personal battery tests.  I welcome your input and ideas.  So far, I am having some luck with reviving batteries by surging and freezing.


Updated Jan-02-2011

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Updated Jan-21-2011

How to change the batteries on Spykee, the robot.

Spykee came back to life when attached to a 12V portable battery.

Spykee came back to life when attached to a 12V portable battery.

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This little girl says the funniest things.

From the summer of 2008 when I started to get serious about solar panels.

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The original video shows a group of experimenters from Canada that are making Hydrogen in the form of HHO using electrolysis. Something goes terribly wrong.


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This post documents the steps to mount a 120W solar panel to a pole.


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Why would you want to know your latitude? If you have solar panels, you can use your latitude to know how much to tilt your solar panel to absorb the most direct sunlight.


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Lock up your solar panels to prevent theft

Lock up your solar panels to prevent theft

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Made a quick rocket stove with bricks.  Put a Peltier cooler on the back and got a fire going.  Measured the current, volts, and watts produced from a single Peltier cooler.  A cooling fan and aluminum heatsink with a 12V portable battery helped.


Peltier Cooler (also called TEC or Thermo Electric Cooler) - resting against a hot brick

Video of experiment…

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A 12V battery is getting low and needs some wind to charge up.  The wind turbine outside faithfully stands watch high above the ground, waiting for a chance to spin in the wind.


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Review of a 12V splitter.  This is also called a 3-way cigarette lighter adapter .

12V adapter-splitter review

12V adapter-splitter review

This adapter plugs into a single 12V battery outlet and splits it into three outlets.  Could be used to power three gadgets from your car or from wherever else you have a 12V outlet.  I have one in my house for off-the-grid backup power.

Video review…

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The solar lights on my property have been dim or have been completely off at night.  Maintenance can be done on these lamps to get them working again.

LED light maintenance

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