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My nine-year-old son drew some pictures for me for Father’s Day.  For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I like capturing energy from clean sources, like wind.  My son knows me well and drew a special picture for me.  For all those fathers out there that like clean energy, I would like to share my son’s drawing with you.  :-)

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day - 2011

And to my dad: I wish you a special and happy day. Thanks for being my father. :-)

Crazy, unnatural radar patterns are emerging around the world.

Crazy, unnatural radar patterns are emerging around the world.

Could man create destructive weather?  Scientists from generations ago, like Tesla, said “yes”.

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A couple different adapters plugged into a 12V battery

A couple different adapters plugged into a 12V battery

My USB adapter quit working. I opened it up to see what the circuit looks like and determine what caused it to fail.

Also shown: Charging a cell phone with a wind turbine.

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Why would you want to know your latitude? If you have solar panels, you can use your latitude to know how much to tilt your solar panel to absorb the most direct sunlight.


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A 12V battery is getting low and needs some wind to charge up.  The wind turbine outside faithfully stands watch high above the ground, waiting for a chance to spin in the wind.


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The video below shows how to make a combiner box to allow solar panels and a wind turbine to charge the same battery.  Also shown in the video: How to make an extension cord out of spare CRT cables and heat shrink.


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Was driving through Texas and came across an unexpected sight. Spotted wind turbines and solar panels outside Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club in McKinney, TX. I was really surprised to see them in such a public place and got the camera out so I could share with you guys.

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Updated Jun-22-2010

I am documenting the construction of my first wind turbine. I am not an expert, just learning as I go. I am not building a turbine from scratch, but instead trying to first succeed in mounting one to a tower and wiring it up to power small devices inside my house. Continue reading ‘Wind Turbine Construction’ »


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