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A cardboard box lay on the floor in the corner of a room for several months.  During that time, the cats inside the house tore off tiny pieces, a little bit each day, until there was hardly anything left.  They did not seek permission, but took it upon themselves to tear this box apart.  This video shows the progress of the cats as they destroy the box.

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What happens if a plant does not get sunlight? As a home school science lesson for my son, age 10, we performed an experiment.

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Who is the artist?  How did they get their impression?

Who is the artist? How did they get their impression?

Many reports lack scientific evidence or even basic citations of sources used. They use deceiving words that sound scientific, but they are not scientific.

The Scientific Method:

  • observable
  • testable
  • repeatable
  • falsifiable

When you see reports presented as “science”, test them to see if they offer convincing evidence that would meet the above criteria.

Be careful what you believe! Demand evidence!

Celery sitting in a jar of colored water.

Celery sitting in a jar of colored water.

The plant stem pulls water and minerals to the leaves.

Blue food coloring added to jar of water.

Blue food coloring added to jar of water.


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In this home school lesson, we see how blue dye is soaked up by a celery stem and brought up to the top of the stalk.

We used a magnifying glass, small jar with water, food coloring, and celery.


Even without roots or leaves, the stem performs work, pulling liquid up against the force of gravity.

Miffy is a picky cat, often refusing to eat top brand cat food, including Fancy Feast.

I took a gamble and bought some Cesar brand moist dog food from Walgreens.  Let’s see if she will eat it…


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I made my first batch of homemade toothpaste.  It was much easier than I expected.

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This is an experiment generating electricity from scrap metal.

Scrap CRT TV lying on the ground produces electricity as it rusts.

Scrap CRT TV lying on the ground produces electricity as it rusts.

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I did an experiment, trying to clean metal in a new way (for me).  I burned some potatoes to the bottom of a pot and it needed to be cleaned.  I made the mistake of not putting in enough water and the potatoes burned at the bottom.  It was a mess and needed to be cleaned.  I decided to try an experiment and brought the camcorder with me to share the results.

The results of using hydrolysis to help clean the burned pot.

The results of using hydrolysis to help clean the burned pot.

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The original video shows a group of experimenters from Canada that are making Hydrogen in the form of HHO using electrolysis. Something goes terribly wrong.


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The solar lights on my property have been dim or have been completely off at night.  Maintenance can be done on these lamps to get them working again.

LED light maintenance

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Make Your Own Air Battery

The video below shows three different electrolytes for a cell.  Which electrolyte will be the best, producing the most voltage and current?

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Making a waffle out of sodium acetate trihydrate. This is the same stuff that makes up “hot ice” and heating pads.

How is the liquid made?

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Edited Jun-10-2010

Acid can release electricity from metal.  What is an easy-to-find source of acid?   Tomatoes!


The video above shows how an LED and a buzzer are powered by a tomato battery.  My homemade battery was made from two different metals dipped into mashed tomatoes.  This setup had low power output, but it was also able to help charge a AAA rechargeable battery.

How does this work?

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Can a Peltier cooler be used to extract moisture from the air using off-the-grid power?

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Many people have tried adding Mentos to Diet Coke for a fun explosion of foam. Does only Diet Coke work or can another beverage work as well? Could Diet Pepsi work with Mentos to make an eruption?

My two kids were interested in the experiment, so for fun, we tried making our own volcano with Mentos and Diet Pepsi. It works!