It is not a question of “if” there will be great tribulation. There will certainly be great tribulation unlike ever seen before nor will ever be seen again. The Bible tells us to be prepared, and if you want to avoid the tribulations, watch and pray, that you may be counted worthy to escape.

After the catastrophic event, a leader will arrive who promises to feed people, at the cost of their own soul.

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This week in Arkansas I saw a car that had a couple decals on the back that referenced Bitcoin. That shows me that Bitcoin is going more mainstream, which means this technology, or this format of electronic money, is ready.

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If Trump can speak freely and easily about matters of faith, why can’t we? We can and should confess our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings among men.

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Please let us all pray for our president.

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Google’s robot looks like a possessed man.


Boston Dynamics (owned by Google / Alphabet) has a robot with a similar gait, or locomotion, to a man who appeared to be possessed in a Brazil hospital.

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would bind the demons in this man and free the man from his insanity.

As for the Google robots…. they don’t have a soul. But the robots could be programmed to do evil. It all depends on the will of the men that program the robots.

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When I woke up, I received this short message: The time of judgment is here.

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The seven stars of Orion:

7 stars - numbered

Using a pencil and paper, I tried to draw his face. He created the seven stars and Orion, and all the host of heaven. And only he has the power to restore our land. We Christians should pray to him for mercy. At the end of this video is a sketch of Jesus Christ.

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My family and I enjoyed this movie animation tonight. I want to share the link so you could watch it for free….
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Trump talks about his faith in God and in the Holy Bible. Obama talks about his muslim family and quotes the Quran.

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President Trump describes the possibility of nuclear war with Russia.

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Please pray that the devastating effects of nuclear war will be reduced and that God would have mercy on those people that have a good will.

Video Sources

Rockets launching at sea from ship Фрегат ‘Адмирал Григорович’ – пуск ‘Калибров’ –

President Trump Holds a Press Conference – The White House

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If a star in the night sky were to burn everything it had in a short time, it might be so bright that the sky would turn blue, making it appear that it is day when it is night. But then the star would burn itself out, and would would disappear from the heavens. I received this idea in a dream.

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Pennsylvania was founded by a Christian. Under the direction of William Penn, the city of Philadelphia also was planned and directed.
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These could be predictions of weather we could see in the near future:

1. Hurricane hits Maine with eye of storm going as far northwest into Canada.
2. Snow on a very warm day. School was canceled. Temperature got up to about 84F and the snow melted quickly.

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Obama an arrogant bastard, says brother.
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George Obama

Barack Obama’s criminal brother would not say he is sorry to the victims of his crimes.
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If you could listen to a picture, what would you hear?

Listen and watch video:

How this music of sounds was made from pictures using Gimp and Audacity:

Watch video to see how music was made:

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Are you ready?

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This dream I was given showed me a map of the United States with an arrow coming from the south having the word “Korea” on it. I think the United States will be severely humbled, not just by North Korea, but also by other nations. However, this dream only showed me one name: Korea.


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How surprising it would be to the citizens of the United States to see an attack on their soil. How would the Koreans get there? And why didn’t the United States military notice the movement of troops? Or did they notice, but allowed the attack to occur? Read Deuteronomy 28:47-51 KJV.

We should all repent from our sins and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for safety.

Video sources
Trump supporter (David Wilcox) getting beat up and robbed – News Leaks


It is one of the ten commandments but one I have mostly ignored. God said to make the seventh day of the week holy, a day of doing no work, a day of rest. But which day of the week is the sabbath?

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I am proud of our cats for helping out in the home.

Since it was night, I used the night vision mode on my camera for some of the photos.

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