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Old tape cassettes can contain a treasure in the form of words from the past, like a precious song performed by a father and daughter together years ago. Or how about hearing your father tell you, “I love you”?

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If you don’t want to be killed and be cut up like a pig in a slaughter house, then obey God’s commandment: thou shalt not kill. [Exodus 20 : 13] If you disobey this commandment and kill another man, be prepared to be killed. If you are already guilty, repent and turn to Jesus, and he can save you.

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In a dream, I saw Barack Obama in the White House open a cabinet. Inside were several light-emitting colored orbs. He reached his hand toward them and picked one up.


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Comic remix with truth offered for your consideration…. which should cause you to think of the pros and cons to having the son of Satan in your land, the man of sin, the one who will be given power to continue 42 months (same as the 3.5 years of great tribulation).

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Aren't you glad your hands don't look like the undead demon's hands in the Doom game?

Aren't you glad your hands don't look like the undead demon's hands in the Doom game?

I used to be addicted to computer games and I played the older Doom games from the beginning to end. But then I broke free of the addiction thanks to the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, who showed me that love has more power than hate. I am now living in the real life instead of trying to escape reality with some demonic/man-made virtual world.

Today I saw a portion of gameplay from the new Doom game (2016). I was disgusted by the senseless violence and did not want to watch the rest of the video, especially after I noticed this….


The inverted pentagram is on the cover of the satanic bible. If you want to avoid a satanic attack on your life and soul, avoid this game and all other games that glorify evil. Call on the name of the Lord (Jesus) and be saved.

Related: Doom – don’t buy Satanic Video Games [YouTube video]

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Subtracting dates using free software: LibreOffice Calc, on the free operating system:  Linux Mint

Subtracting dates using free software: LibreOffice Calc, on the free operating system: Linux Mint.... WATCH VIDEO.

666 = number of the beast

6*6*6 = 216 = the day of Barack’s birth in 1961

2016 = last year of Barack’s presidency (as supposed)

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Are aliens people from other planets or are they ghosts, phantoms, fallen angels, or are they only a dream? Are gray aliens a harmless hallucination?

Robbin Williams pretended to be an alien in a show called Mork and Mindy, but he took the appearance of an ordinary man. Robin also flashed hand signs and covered one eye repeatedly as if trying to communicate a secret message. Watch the video….

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People all over the world are experiencing tribulation by huge storms, record breaking rain, heat, cold, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, freak tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes….

Is the weather an expression of God’s will or merely a coincidence?

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The people in this video say Obama lied about important matters, including health care, ObamaCare, and same-sex marriage (homosexual/gay unions) . What’s the next big lie? An alien invasion where Barack Obama would be declared the leader of the world, the President of the New World Order?

Even God says in the bible that He will send a lie, a strong delusion, because people love unrighteousness more than the truth.  Get ready….Live a life of love and accept the peace that comes from a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Word has power. Have you read it?

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I found a collection of video animations that my children and I have been enjoying and I thought I should pass the URL on to those of you that have children and are struggling to find good content for them to watch, without that guilty feeling that you are filling their minds with garbage.  These animations actually tell true history that has been suppressed from the mainstream, and the videos are entertaining.  Each video is about 20 minutes or so.  The videos can be found at this URL:

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“Bitcoin Is Better than Currency” – Bill Gates


The new one world money system is coming soon: the mark of the beast. God will pour out his wrath on those that worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in their hand or forehead. Whosoever shall call on the Lord Jesus shall be saved. No money is required for salvation as it is a free gift from God.

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Genesis 28:16 KJV
And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not.

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