Crack Demon

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When a person takes drugs with the purpose of changing their personality, I believe they open a door in the spiritual realm for demons to enter their body. There is a way to clean the body of all these demons and close the door so they cannot come back. Jesus said, “I am the way….”

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Many fires are burning around the world. There are prophecies in the Bible about fire, even worse than those seen today.

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Before we act like parrots and repeat what the world leaders keep telling us, that it’s “global warming”….

Understand that the planet is breaking records in cold extremes. At the same time that we have these fires, other parts of earth are experiencing extreme cold temperatures.

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A small strip of land was surrounded by water. The land was scorched and the trees were blackened by fire. But the waves of the sea were passing over the land putting the fire out. There was no sign of life: no people, no animals, and no living plants.

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Neptune dream sketch using Gimp

In this dream I looked through a telescope and saw what I sketched here, although I am not exactly sure about the color or size and shape of the white feature, which looked like a giant cloud.

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The first housewife was home alone while her husband was away working. She knew what time to expect his return and invited the neighbor into the home for sin. The neighbor left before the husband returned home.

The second housewife was also home alone. Her husband had left the house but she did not know when he would return. He could return at the end of the day or at any moment. Because of her fear of being caught in sin, she would not allow the neighbor into her home even though in her heart she wanted to sin. When her husband returned home, she acted happy to see him and hid from him the desire of her heart.

The third housewife was in her house alone while her husband was gone on a long trip. She knew he would be gone for many days. A neighbor came to the house and knocked on the door. She knew it was not her husband, so she refused to open the door. The neighbor tried to seduce her with flatteries and gifts. But she would not open the door and refused to let the neighbor in. After many days the husband returned home, and since he had the key to the door, he entered the house. And the wife was so happy to see him…. because she loved him.

  • The first wife was the only one that sinned physically.
  • But both the first and second wife sinned in their heart and were both unfaithful.
  • Only the third wife was faithful, and that was because of her great love for her husband. For the faithful wife, it does not matter when she thinks her husband will return. She is always faithful.
  • When God visits the earth, will he find us faithful? Or is there something you will love more while you wait for the Lord to return? What would a jealous husband do when he returns home to find his neighbor with his wife? And what more would God do, who is Jealous and all powerful?

    For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God….
    Exodus 34:14

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    cat throwing up

    Some dogs when they throw up eat it again, but most cats when they throw up, leave it.

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    Original video of cats:
    The last day of calico cat.14 Cats Munch Away Cat Food – 10 Cats


    After I prepared my breakfast, I looked at the food and realized all of it came from my garden and property: the fried egg came from one of my chickens, the fried okra and small amount of hot pepper came from my garden, and the freshly sliced tomato was hand picked from a volunteer plant in my garden this morning!



    None of this food was purchased with money, except for a little bit of sunflower oil used in frying, salt, and crushed coriander seed for seasoning the egg.

    The tomato was from a volunteer plant. Earlier this spring, I saw a tomato seedling popping up out of the compost pile. I took a chance, not knowing what variety of tomato it would be, but transplanted the baby plant into a prepared garden bed. It’s all grown up now! I provided some water and mulch for the plant, and God took care of the rest, giving us really good weather on our property all this year, so finally today one of the tomatoes were ready to be harvested! I recognize this tomato as being a variety descended from a grocery store tomato, a small dark tomato. The fresh tomato this morning was eaten within the same hour it was picked, and it was fully ripe, so it was better quality than the ones from the grocery store! And it was free, for no money!

    If God had not given us good weather at our house this year, this harvest would not be possible. When I was an unbeliever and being disobedient to God’s commandments, I remember having harder times growing food, including drought, exceedingly high temperatures, and hail. This year is probably the best year I have ever experienced for weather at my house, with just the right amount of rain so that I barely have to water the plants myself. I have not used any city water in the garden this year, but have used collected rainwater and water from the AC. And the temperatures have been cooler than previous years. These favorable growing conditions boost my faith in a loving God, who blesses us with good weather when we are seeking to obey his commandments of love, but serving us bad weather for correction, when we are disobeying his commandments of love.

    Since I made Jesus my Lord, I have definitely noticed an improvement in the weather around my house. When I didn’t believe in Jesus, I remember having hail damage on my garden at least two different years. And I see horrible changes in the weather now all around the world. But since choosing Jesus, he has blessed me and my house and keeps the hail away from my house and garden. That is what I believe, and I wanted to share this with you, to help you make a good choice…. or to stay faithful to him if you have already chosen him.


    Barack Obama and the number 44 go together. Read with me: John 8:44 in the King James Holy Bible, which talks about a liar….

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    What do these symbols mean: the swastika, hexagram, and cross? The swastika was used by Nazi Germany, but did you know it continues to be used today in religious temples? The video on this page shows some temples in Japan and India that use the swastika. And the hexagram can be found on the Muslim Qu’ran and on the flag for the state of Israel. I’m not sure what all this means, but I do know that Jesus Christ shed his blood on another symbol we see often: the cross. He paid for our sins, if we would believe that he did so out of love for us, and if we believe that he rose from the dead. He is active in our lives and will save us if we confess him as Lord.

    The swastika has been used by many cultures, and the symbol has meant different things. Could the hexagram also mean different things? The hexagram is not used only on the state of Israel’s flag. And if a hexagram means different things to different people, then the word “Jew” also means different things to different people. Those that say they are Jews and are not, but do lie, are the synagogue of Satan. Others think that those that say they are Jews, but are not, are God’s chosen people. And then there are the true Jews, which are those that love God inwardly, who do not show off outwardly to impress men and do not seek their praise, but work for the praise of God.

    But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.
    [Romans 2 : 29]

    Mike Pence Christian
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    We need more godly men and women to step up into leadership. Shown at the end of the video is a sweet picture of a father and daughter (Charlotte).

    Luke 10 : 2
    The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

    The previous vice president, Joe Biden, said he would follow ISIS to the gates of hell.


    Obama rotten smile

    The Antichrist is _____________________.

    And then I heard thunder. Jesus said he saw Satan fall from heaven as lightning, and after lightning we hear thunder.

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    big cloud over city building - edited with Gimp to show how it looked in dream

    A storm approached the city, but when I looked again I saw a dragon flying in the sky with other smaller winged creatures!

    dragon in the city with purple sky - edited with Gimp to show how it looked in dream

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    two moons
    Image above was edited using Gimp to represent what was seen in the dream, and is not an actual photograph.

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    I had this dream after having a song stuck in my head, even though I have not heard this music in many months:

    Ace of Base- I Saw The Sign With Lyrics

    Holly WV’s channel:

    Gunnar Gunnar’s channel:
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    Marla Maples Ginger Gilligan Island
    Quote found in: 1996 Boating Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide

    The video is based on a dream that I remembered on Jun-08-2017.

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    Donald Trump and (Ginger) Marla Maples

    I entered a booth, which looked like a tall tent, but only big enough for a few people. It felt like a fair and a game was set up in the booth. A picture frame flashed about six numbers. The man in the booth said, “Name three numbers you saw.” I didn’t say anything and I couldn’t remember what numbers were flashed. The picture frame flashed many numbers this time. “Name nine numbers you saw.” I wondered, weren’t there more than nine numbers shown? Could the numbers be one through nine? I saw a man leave the booth, as if he were done playing.

    Somehow I was able to inspect the game and see all the numbers. Each number was in a rectangle of its own, like in its own picture frame. I found the numbers, one, two, three… it kept going, until I saw numbers in the forties. I saw one frame with wheels rolling back and forth on a table and I worried that it might fall off the table. I think I stopped counting at number 45. That number was for a TIME magazine, with Trump on the cover.

    Then I was in a hotel room. I was on a bed and Donald Trump was in the room, not in the bed, but standing in the room talking to me. He told me how a woman he knew (I think he was talking about his ex-wife Marla Maples) hurt the men that she loved.

    Now the woman he was talking about was in the bed with me, to my right and smiling. Donald walked up to the bed and introduced her to me and I don’t know if he told me her name, but I knew her name was Ginger. The woman looked just like Marla Maples to me though. I was confused. Trump told me, “She cooks a traditional hamburger.” She looked at me and I thought there was lust in her eyes. But she and Donald went to another bed and Donald, fully dressed, stood at the corner of the bed and the woman’s dress was brought up above her waist and I believe he was touching her. I didn’t want to stay around to watch and felt it was urgent I leave.

    I found my pajama pants and folded them, and found my socks on the floor. I tried to put those clothes away, grabbed my Bible, and headed for the door. I felt like I was physically aroused and thought, I have to get out of here! Does Donald want me to be in here with them? This isn’t right for me to be in the room with these two. Before I got to the door, I turned around to get my coat because I knew it was cold outside. That’s the end of the dream. I never saw myself getting out of the room.

    Observations while awake….

    Marla Maples is quoted as saying, “I’ve always modeled myself after Ginger.” Source: I only learned this because the dream made me want to search for any connection between the name Ginger and Marla Maples, and I was surprised when I found this connection.

    Trump is the 45th president. I think that is the number in the dream associated with the TIME magazine having Trump on the cover.

    Trump has been on the cover of the TIME magazine. I didn’t know that until I searched online.

    I got out of bed and put my pajamas away…. I am not sleeping spiritually like I once was.

    I had to leave fast and it was cold outside. “Pray that your flight be not in the winter.” [Mark 13:18]

    The great tribulations that are coming will be terrible, but if we want to escape, the Lord must find us worthy. Perhaps this dream means we should be ready to leave this world quickly while everyone else is sleeping and while they dream of the lusts of the flesh. The “church of Philadelphia” will be kept from the hour of temptation. [Revelation 3:10]

    Will Trump go back to ex-wife Marla while married to Melania? I pray for these people, that they will make good choices and be protected from the evil.

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    In ancient Egypt, a king wanted to lower the population of the Hebrew people living in his land. He ordered that as Hebrew baby boys were born, the midwives should go in and kill them. That is evil, isn’t it? But the midwives feared God and would not kill the babies. The king of Egypt called the midwives and asked them why they didn’t kill the baby boys born of the Hebrews.

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    Earthquakes will destroy much of the world. There will be many forms of destruction and much loss of life. The world will be purged of its sin. If you want to be saved and live for ever, turn away from your sin and turn to Jesus Christ, our Lord. Those that won’t repent will perish.

    This video shows some damage done by an earthquake in Ecuador on April 16, 2016. Also shown is part of Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer. In that temple is a symbol that resembles the Google Play logo.


    Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
    For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
    And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

    1 John 2:15-17 KJV


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    “Abortion has become the greatest destroyer of peace today.”

    “If mother can kill her own child, what’s left for other people to kill each other?”

    Mother Teresa


    It is not a question of “if” there will be great tribulation. There will certainly be great tribulation unlike ever seen before nor will ever be seen again. The Bible tells us to be prepared, and if you want to avoid the tribulations, watch and pray, that you may be counted worthy to escape.

    After the catastrophic event, a leader will arrive who promises to feed people, at the cost of their own soul.

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    This week in Arkansas I saw a car that had a couple decals on the back that referenced Bitcoin. That shows me that Bitcoin is going more mainstream, which means this technology, or this format of electronic money, is ready.

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    If Trump can speak freely and easily about matters of faith, why can’t we? We can and should confess our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings among men.

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    Please let us all pray for our president.

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    Google’s robot looks like a possessed man.


    Boston Dynamics (owned by Google / Alphabet) has a robot with a similar gait, or locomotion, to a man who appeared to be possessed in a Brazil hospital.

    I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would bind the demons in this man and free the man from his insanity.

    As for the Google robots…. they don’t have a soul. But the robots could be programmed to do evil. It all depends on the will of the men that program the robots.

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    When I woke up, I received this short message: The time of judgment is here.

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    The seven stars of Orion:

    7 stars - numbered

    Using a pencil and paper, I tried to draw his face. He created the seven stars and Orion, and all the host of heaven. And only he has the power to restore our land. We Christians should pray to him for mercy. At the end of this video is a sketch of Jesus Christ.

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    My family and I enjoyed this movie animation tonight. I want to share the link so you could watch it for free….
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