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For years, I have been saving dead batteries in a cardboard box. I did not want to throw the dead batteries in the trash, which then would go into the earth with some toxic waste. I learned how to recycle the batteries and it was much easier than I expected. I share the results with you.

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A couple different adapters plugged into a 12V battery

A couple different adapters plugged into a 12V battery

My USB adapter quit working. I opened it up to see what the circuit looks like and determine what caused it to fail.

Also shown: Charging a cell phone with a wind turbine.

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This is a public record of my personal battery tests.  I welcome your input and ideas.  So far, I am having some luck with reviving batteries by surging and freezing.


Updated Jan-02-2011

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Updated Jan-21-2011

How to change the batteries on Spykee, the robot.

Spykee came back to life when attached to a 12V portable battery.

Spykee came back to life when attached to a 12V portable battery.

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This little girl says the funniest things.

From the summer of 2008 when I started to get serious about solar panels.

Made a quick rocket stove with bricks.  Put a Peltier cooler on the back and got a fire going.  Measured the current, volts, and watts produced from a single Peltier cooler.  A cooling fan and aluminum heatsink with a 12V portable battery helped.


Peltier Cooler (also called TEC or Thermo Electric Cooler) - resting against a hot brick

Video of experiment…

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A 12V battery is getting low and needs some wind to charge up.  The wind turbine outside faithfully stands watch high above the ground, waiting for a chance to spin in the wind.


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Review of a 12V splitter.  This is also called a 3-way cigarette lighter adapter .

12V adapter-splitter review

12V adapter-splitter review

This adapter plugs into a single 12V battery outlet and splits it into three outlets.  Could be used to power three gadgets from your car or from wherever else you have a 12V outlet.  I have one in my house for off-the-grid backup power.

Video review…

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Make Your Own Air Battery

The video below shows three different electrolytes for a cell.  Which electrolyte will be the best, producing the most voltage and current?

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Edited Jun-10-2010

Acid can release electricity from metal.  What is an easy-to-find source of acid?   Tomatoes!


The video above shows how an LED and a buzzer are powered by a tomato battery.  My homemade battery was made from two different metals dipped into mashed tomatoes.  This setup had low power output, but it was also able to help charge a AAA rechargeable battery.

How does this work?

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Charging a Cub Cadet lawnmower 12V battery with a solar panel and Sunsei charge controller.

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