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Chicken free-ranging in green bean bush plants in a small garden.

Our chicken free-ranges in our small garden. She is gentle with the green bean bush plants.

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Please allow me to tell you my story of how an angel of God gave me healing when I was sick.

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Areas affected:  Lansing ~ Detroit, Michigan.

California east to Oklahoma.

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Was a far away galaxy colonized by a super race?

Was a far away galaxy colonized by a super race?

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Two and a half months ago, I had a dream about snow and documented it here at ElPerfecto.  I think the dream was from God.  (That’s my opinion and I cannot prove it.)  We are now having record snow in the northeastern United States.  I should probably document more of my dreams online and see how many of them come true.


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I took this picture last winter when we had a snow storm.

Snow storm in Arkansas, last winter, 2010. Will this year be worse?

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Here’s a great video that my wife and I enjoyed on DVD, rented from Netflix:

More Than Dreams

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Image from a dream.

Image from a dream.

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I woke up in the night after having a dream.  It was different than most dreams, because the dream had no sight or sound.  It was a thought.  The dream was simply words in my head…

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