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I’ve been watching the packets of data fly in and out of my computer’s network card and I’m surprised how much unsolicited traffic there is.  From my observation, the biggest consumer of those packets is Google.

Here are some things you can do to keep Firefox from sending too much information to Google.  Break the tie between Firefox and Google.

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Using the network monitoring program, CurrPorts, we can see which websites we visit send data to Google’s servers.  I’m talking about websites that are neither owned or operated by Google.  It might be surprising that data is being sent to Google as we visit other websites along the web.  For example, going to causes many unwanted internet connections…


Above, Currports tells us that we are connecting to not only Google’s servers, but Facebook’s servers as well.  ( is one of Google’s servers.)  We can block both of them and more.

How to Block Google Analytics, Google ads, Facebook, etc…