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The original video shows a group of experimenters from Canada that are making Hydrogen in the form of HHO using electrolysis. Something goes terribly wrong.


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The solar lights on my property have been dim or have been completely off at night.  Maintenance can be done on these lamps to get them working again.

LED light maintenance

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Make Your Own Air Battery

The video below shows three different electrolytes for a cell.  Which electrolyte will be the best, producing the most voltage and current?

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Edited Jun-10-2010

Acid can release electricity from metal.  What is an easy-to-find source of acid?   Tomatoes!


The video above shows how an LED and a buzzer are powered by a tomato battery.  My homemade battery was made from two different metals dipped into mashed tomatoes.  This setup had low power output, but it was also able to help charge a AAA rechargeable battery.

How does this work?

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